Boundaries To Release New Album “Burying Brightness” In October, Premiere “Heaven’s Broken Heart” Music Video

Boundaries have signed a new deal with Periphery‘s 3DOT Recordings. The band’s new album, “Burying Brightness,” will be released through the label on October 14.

“Burying Brightness” Track Listing:

01. “It Begins To Speak”
02. “Your Own Murder”
03. “This Is What It’s Like”
04. “Heaven’s Broken Heart”
05. “No One Will Mourn You Here”
06. “Resent And Regret”
07. “Realize And Rebuild”
08. “My Body Is A Cage”
09. “–”
10. “It Was Built To Break”
11. “Burying Brightness”
12. “The Tower”

Frontman Matthew McDougal said the following about the album, which features backing vocals from drummer Tim Sullivan and bassist Nathan Calcagno:

“We utilized their voices for the first time. There’s definitely a new dynamic. We focused on writing some choruses. We made it a little prettier and calmer, changing up the listening experience. We wanted to use all of the tools we have at our disposal on this record. We didn’t leave anything out.”

Guitarist Corey Emond added:

“Our goal is to write exactly the kinds of songs we want to with no barriers. I feel like we did that. We’ve always wanted to have songs with singing, but we were never able to capture it until now. We also have some of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written. It has both extremes.”

An official music video for the effort’s first single, “Heaven’s Broken Heart,” can be found below. McDougal added the following about that:

“‘Heaven’s Broken Heart‘ is one part allegory and one part fantasy. It tells a story of vengeance and punishment from a god that has become too ashamed of life on earth to let it continue. It started as purely a conceptual song and eventually formed into more of a parable on my mood disorders and how suddenly they can surround and darken a person’s world.

The opening line ‘night falls fast’ being a reference to the book of the same name by Kay Redfield Jamison, which details years of research towards understanding how and why we as people commit suicide. Meanwhile lyrics like ‘shale skinned monsters’ make reference to golems and other biblical horrors that are being released on an unknowing populace destined for extinction.”

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