Goatwhore To Release New Album “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven” In October, Premiere “Born Of Satan’s Flesh” Music Video

Goatwhore have revealed the details for their album “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven.” The effort will be released on October 7 and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

“Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven” Track Listing:

01. “Invocation 3”
02. “Born Of Satan’s Flesh”
03. “The Bestowal Of Abomination”
04. “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven”
05. “Death From Above”
06. “Ruinous Liturgy”
07. “Victory Is The Lightning Of Destruction”
08. “Voracious Blood Fixation”
09. “The Devil’s Warlords”
10. “Weight Of A Soulless Heart”
11. “Nihil”
12. “And I Was Delivered From The Wound Of Perdition”

Vocalist Louis Ben Falgoust II commented:

“I would describe this record as being very raw, but clarity is shaped within the chaos. It’s a journey of everything we’ve done and some new approaches as we advance forward. When we write, we mainly focus on the music and what we enjoy about playing it. We don’t write just to appease others. We want to enjoy playing it in a live setting as well, especially night after night on the road.”

He also added the following about the title:

“It’s a basis of human despondency, the arc of life, and its relationship with the personal abyss of overwhelming emotion and thought. It’s a mixture of esoteric ideas and biblical scripts and the journey to the places some people care not to venture on mental paths… The rise and fall of the self and how the abyss can be a turning point for some and a passageway to oblivion for others. It’s blunt and to the point, just like countless aspects of life.”

A video for the effort’s first single, “Born Of Satan’s Flesh,” can be found below. Guitarist Sammy Duet said the following about that:

“Prepare yourself for an unabashed violent onslaught of Satanic unsoundness of mind! All hail his Luciferian force and might!”

Falgoust added:

“Welcome to the manifested curse of our latest offering. During the past five years since our ‘Vengeful Ascension‘ release, entwined with a state of isolation within that period, we have been communing with our inner abyss for inspiration. Idle time is truly the Devil’s workshop. Feast your eyes (and ears) on this latest display of chaos, which is but a fragment of our impending full-length release out in October!”

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