Architects Announce New Album “The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit”, Premiere “Tear Gas” Video

Architects will be releasing a new album, titled “The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit,” on October 21. You can find a video for the effort’s first single, “Tear Gas,” below. Vocalist Sam Carter commented:

“This one feels more live, more exciting and more fun – it has that energy. We wanted it to be a lot more industrial and electronic.”

“The Classic Symptoms Of A Broken Spirit” Track Listing:

01. “deep fake”
02. “tear gas”
03. “spit the bone”
04. “burn down my house”
05. “living is killing us”
06. “when we were young”
07. “doomscrolling”
08. “born again pessimist”
09. “a new moral low ground”
10. “all the love in the world”
11. “be very afraid”

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