Destruction Premiere “Diabolical” Music Video

Destruction have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Diabolical.” That effort will be released on April 8.

Schmear said the following about the video:

“I love the title track of the new record, it represents the album, pure old school and in your face Thrash Metal! We wanted a video that shows our trademarks, so the MAD BUTCHER had to be there! It is only his second appearance in a Destruction video ever but his most remarkable one so far for sure!”

Martin Furia also added the following about the album:

“Diabolical is an album of extremes, everything is more brutal and more technical but at the same time more melodic and to the point. It’s a pure and devastating Destruction album with no gimmicks, full of power and adrenaline. I’m excited for what the future is bringing and can’t wait to play the new songs live!”

Diabolical Track Listing:

01. “Under the Spell”
02. “Diabolical”
03. “No Faith in Humanity”
04. “Repent Your Sins”
05. “Hope Dies Last”
06. “The Last of a Dying Breed”
07. “State of Apathy”
08. “Tormented Soul”
09. “Servant of the Beast”
10. “The Lonely Wolf”
11. “Ghost From the Past”
12. “Whorefication”
13. “City Baby Attacked by Rats”

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