Tool Members To Guest On New Author & Punisher Album “Krüller”

Tool’s Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor will be guesting on Author & Punisher’s new album “Krüller.” That effort will be released on February 11 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“Krüller” Track Listing:

01. “Drone Carrying Dread”
02. “Incinerator”
03. “Centurion”
04. “Maiden Star”
05. “Misery”
06. “Glorybox” (Portishead cover)
07. “Blacksmith”
08. “Krüller”

With this news, Author & Punisher has also shared an official video for “Drone Carrying Dread” from the record. He had the following to say about that:

“‘Drone Carrying Dread‘ was the first song I wrote on ‘Krüller‘. I had just gotten home from the final tour of the ‘Beastland‘ album cycle and I spent a couple weeks updating my overall tones with a nice balance of sub, saw/synth and tube amp. This track was basically the one where it all clicked and I had these chords that resonated just right, shaking the entire warehouse. It’s a simple but raw progression that was ripe for the addition of synthesizer programming from co-producer Jason Begin [Vytear]. Lyrically, it’s about escape and survival, as the events that were unfolding in 2020 were prophesied by the books I was reading throughout the year.”

He also added the following about the album:

“Melody has been and is still a part of my sound. I’ve always bathed them in a lot of reverb, delay, and distortion, though. This time around, I was bothered by the wall of distortion I had created. I wanted a little more clarity. I wanted to refine the sound.

I wanted to step back from my own show and analyze it a bit. I had all these competing distortions that I wanted to streamline. I like contrast and wanted the vocals to be immediately noticeable. There’s something about mixing punishing drones and rumble with a mellow thing on top that I really like on ‘Krüller‘.”

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