Hate To Release New Album “Rugia” In October, Stream The Title Track

Hate have announced that their new album “Rugia” will be released on October 15. The effort will be the band’s first to feature new drummer Nar-Sil (Neolith, Virgin Snatch, Embrional). He will be taking over for Pavulon, who stepped away from the group due to health issues. You can stream the album’s title track below:

“Rugia” Track Listing:

01. “Rugia”
02. “The Wolf Queen”
03. “Exiles Of Pantheon”
04. “Saturnus”
05. “Awakening The Gods Within”
06. “Resurgence”
07. “Velesian Guard”
08. “Sun Of Extinction”
09. “Sacred Dnieper”

Vocalist ATF Sinner said the following about the record:

“It was clear to me that it should build upon and evolve from our previous record, ‘Auric Gates Of Veles‘, both musically and lyrically. However, every Hate record stands as a separate journey, and never twice to the same place. You never know exactly where it will lead you.”

He also added:

“…The fire is still burning! I’m proud that I have built a band with such strong energy, that’s lasted for a long time in spite of numerous line-up changes and obstacles in our way. We are still here and we create with ever growing consciousness and dedication. The energy speaks through us. Honestly, I think of the band as something much bigger and more profound than the individual people involved in it over any given period of time. I believe we create a channel for energies that surpass us.”

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