White Stones (Opeth) To Release New Album “Dancing Into Oblivion” In August, Premiere “Chain Of Command” Video

White Stones, the death metal project featuring Opeth bassist Martin Mendez, have announced that their new album “Dancing Into Oblivion” will be released on August 27. A video for the effort’s first single, “Chain Of Command,” can be found below, along with the cover art and track listing.

“Dancing Into Oblivion” Track Listing:

01. “La Menace”
02. “New Age Of Dark”
03. “Chain Of Command”
04. “Iron Titans”
05. “Woven Dream”
06. “To Lie Or To Die”
07. “Freedom In Captivity”
08. “Acacia”

Mendez said the following about the new record:

“It’s a mix of feelings during the lockdown, feelings that go from fear to uncertainty as well as going through the confusion when you don’t know about the future and you feel almost as if time has stopped. Musicians might be the last who will be back to work and we don’t have any signs of a sooner return, which makes for a huge uncertainty.

I have a family and I have to take care of them. This situation creates a feeling of discomfort which you can feel on the album. Otherwise it’s been nice having so much time at home with the family and those small and peaceful moments are also in the music.

I’ve chosen to include some interludes between the songs so there is a higher contrast and it makes it easier to appreciate the different feelings throughout.”

He also added:

“It’s difficult to define the style of this album. I don’t like to tag the music. This is metal for me. It has elements of my interpretation of death metal but it has other, conscious influences from other genres too. It shows me as musician and displays my music taste within the restlessness of trying to do something different.

The first one I wrote was ‘Chain Of Command‘, where I had the idea of writing more daring songs than on the previous record where I restricted myself and didn’t want to play anything too technical, I just wanted to create something that was easier on the ear. In this one I wanted to do something slightly more elaborate and technical, musically, to add some color.

The first influence I had for ‘Chain Of Command‘ was from a John Coltrane & Wilbur Harden album, while in ‘New Age Of Dark‘ the influence came listening to Deicide, so the influences are really quite varied across this record.”

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