Cognitive Premiere “ENIAC” Video

Cognitive have premiered a new video for their new song “ENIAC.” This track is from the band’s new album “Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction,” which will be released on July 16. Guitarist Rob Wharton commented:

“‘ENIAC‘ was one of the first songs written for the new album, and when it was completed we instantly were like this has to be a single. The name ‘ENIAC‘ comes from the first computer, and musically this song we felt has a lot of new elements that are showcased on this album, from some more tech-laden grooves, big chord sections, a ripper solo, and some catchy vocal patterns. And Zen-Beast did an amazing job of making this video come to life to put a cherry on top. We hope you enjoy!”

“Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction” Track Listing:

01. “ENIAC”
02. “The Maw”
03. “Arterial Red”
04. “From The Depths”
05. “Oroborous”
06. “To Feed The Worms”
07. “Malevolent Thoughts”
08. “Tearing Tendon From Bone”
09. “Destitute”
10. “Of A Hastened Extinction”

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