Red Fang To Release New Album “Arrows” In June, Premiere Video For Title Track

Red Fang will be releasing their new album “Arrows” on June 4. You can find a video for the effort’s title track below:

Bryan Giles said the following about the new record:

“It was so gratifying to put these songs on tape with [Chris] Funk! It felt very comfortable with a loose schedule. We didn’t take it one song at a time, but added guitars, vocals, or general weirdness whenever an idea sprang to mind. We busted out a hurdy gurdy! It was that fun. Long live Rock!!”

Aaron Beam continued:

“WOW! We are SO EXCITED to finally release this record to the world! We finished the album way back in December 2019 and then… something happened that is not worth discussing… Making this record felt totally loose and easy. It felt like we were just doing whatever the fuck we wanted, and not overthinking anything. That attitude reminded me a lot of what it felt like to make ‘Murder the Mountains‘. The result doesn’t sound anything like MTM, but it has more of that vibe.”

David Sullivan also added the following about working with Whitey McConnaughy on the new video:

“His way of presenting us really works. That first video he did for us for ‘Prehistoric Dog‘ gave us a big jumpstart as far as the band getting popular. And we love working with him.”

“Arrows” Track Listing:

01. “Take It Back”
02. “Unreal Estate”
03. “Arrows”
04. “My Disaster”
05. “Two High”
06. “Anodyne”
07. “Interop-Mod”
08. “Fonzi Scheme”
09. “Days Collide”
10. “Rabbits In Hive”
11. “Why”
12. “Dr. Owl”
13. “Funeral Coach”

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