Black Stone Cherry Premiere “Again” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “The Human Condition”

Black Stone Cherry have premiered a new video for their new song “Again.” This track is from their new album “The Human Condition,” which will be released on October 30.

“The Human Condition” Track Listing:

01. “Ringin’ In My Head”
02. “Again”
03. “Push Down & Turn”
04. “When Angels Learn To Fly”
05. “Live This Way”
06. “In Love With The Pain”
07. “The Chain”
08. “Ride”
09. “If My Heart Had Wings”
10. “Don’t Bring Me Down”
11. “Some Stories”
12. “Devil In Your Eyes”
13. “Keep On Keepin’ On”

Drummer John Fred Young said the following about the record, which was completed right before the COVID-19 lockdown:

“There was a real urgency and fear of the unknown during those sessions — it was a scary time. Every song on this album tells a story of the experiences we all go through — our happiness, our struggles, and how we have to adapt.”

Guitarist Ben Wells continued:

“With this one, we cranked up the amps, the drums are in your face, and there are some really heavy riffs. After 19 years and seven albums, we wanted to prove that we still kick ass. This album feels like a rebirth.”

Bassist Jon Lawhon added:

“When I listen back to this record, I feel all these different emotions. We started when we were teens, and life has taken its course, especially now. Through it all, your heart and your perspectives change, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our connection as friends.”

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