Make Them Suffer Premiere “Erase Me” Music Video

Make Them Suffer have premiered a new video for their new song “Erase Me.” This track is from the band’s new album “How To Survive A Funeral,” which will be released on June 5. The group commented:

“‘Erase Me‘ is a song about pushing someone away and raises the question: Is it selfless or selfish to do? It’s unfortunate that some people are wired to always feel as if they’re never good enough. The sentiment of the lyrics ‘I’ve broken you enough so don’t hate me, erase me’ demonstrates the quality of selflessness. In retrospection, it’s that same selflessness that makes you ‘good enough.’”

“How To Survive A Funeral” Track Listing:

01. “Step One”
02. “Falling Ashes”
03. “Bones”
04. “Drown With Me”
05. “Erase Me”
06. “Soul Decay”
07. “Fake Your Own Death”
08. “How to Survive a Funeral”
09. “The Attendant”
10. “That’s Just Life”

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