Otherwise Premiere New Songs “Lifted” & “Bad Trip”

Otherwise have premiered two new songs, “Lifted” and “Bad Trip.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “Defy,” which will be released on November 8.

Singer Adrian Patrick said the following about the songs:

“[‘Lifted’ is] about getting fucked up…it got me kicked off tours and banned from festivals. It’s about all of the shit that got me trouble. I’ve been the guy the song is about. I’ve lived that life. I’ve been there. It’s real.”

“[‘Bad Trip’] serves as a commentary on the current nebulous state of affairs we find ourselves mired in as a nation…as human beings on this planet.”

He also added the following about the album:

“We grew up in the last era where nineties bands were soul rebels. They stood for something. Since the greatest risks yield the greatest return, why play it safe? In between the last album and now, we changed everything. I had two sons, and it took their births for me to go, ‘Fuck it, we’ve got to shoot for the goddamned stars.'”

“It’s a new chapter all around, and we’re fired up about it. Matt [Good] is the most creative, prolific producer we’ve ever worked with. He’s the kind of guy we’ve always wanted in our corner.”

“When you listen to the record, I hope you go, ‘I did not expect that’. It’s personal. This is my fucking life. There’s no turning back. This band is the future of my family. It means everything to me — and all of us. This is Otherwise.”

“Defy” Track Listing:

01. “Bad Trip”
02. “Money”
03. “Crossfire”
04. “Lifted”
05. “Picking At Bones”
06. “Ain’t Done Yet”
07. “Goliath”
08. “Don’t Even”
09. “Fame And Miss Fortune”
10. “Unbreakable”
11. “Good Fight”

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