Ex-Norma Jean Drummer Shares Unfinished Video For “Vertebraille: Choke That Thief Called Dependence”

Norma Jean’s “O’ God, The Aftermath” recently turned 15 and to celebrate, former drummer Daniel Davison has shared an unfinished 2005 video for “Vertebraille: Choke That Thief Called Dependence.” You can check that out below:

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I was reminded today that “O god, the aftermath” came out 15 years ago, today. This was a very special record for me and my friends who made it, and a very special and defining period of time for me. At that time, everything for me was about art. Music as art, lyrics as art, album art work as art, live show as art, video projection as art. When I was home from tour, everything I did revolved around art – video, super 8 film, photography, assemblage and mixed media art – and for no other reasons than having an open creative outlet, responding to inspiration, and for the enjoyment in the process – anything else satisfying beyond that was a bonus.This was a nice and well timed reminder for me today. I recently found this video for the song “Vertebraille”, that I’d started to mess around with right after the record came out. I never finished it, then totally forgot about it. The live footage is from 2005. My buddy Casey and I ordered a bunch of security cameras from eBay and we would set them up around the stage and incorporate the security cam feeds in with our video projection footage each night. Somehow we figured out a way to record this security camera footage, and that’s what this video is edited from. No filters, or post glitches added, just cheap-o security cameras, and a suitcase full of RCA cables and gaff tape. #ogodtheaftermath

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