Heart Of A Coward Announce New Vocalist, Premiere “Collapse” Music Video

Heart Of A Coward have premiered a new video for their new single “Collapse.” This is the band’s first song with new vocalist Kaan Tasan (No Consequence).

The band commented:

“With over 200 submissions to consider, we all had something specific in mind. By no means did we want a carbon copy. We wanted someone that could give the band a new lease of life. As soon as we heard Kaan‘s demos we all felt it was a no brainer. Already a good friend of the band, Kaan has been on the road with us and seen it all – so is no stranger to the way we do things.

We are all really excited to release our new single ‘Collapse‘ This new chapter has rekindled our love for the band and writing music together.”

Tasan also offered his own statement:

“It’s been an exciting new path joining Heart of a Coward. I’ve always been a fan of the band so to be involved in writing the next record is an awesome experience to say the least! The transformation has felt completely natural and everything has clicked straight away. It’s an exciting year for the band and I’m looking forward to taking to the stage and leading our most ferocious live shows to date!”

Tour Dates:

05/30 London, UK – Boston Music Room
05/31 Birmingham, UK – Asylum 2
06/01 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
06/02 Bournemouth, UK – The Anvil

After The Burial Premiere New Song “Collapse”

After The Burial have premiered a new song titled “Collapse,” via New Noise Magazine. This song is from the band’s new album, “Dig Deep,” which will be released on February 19.

The band also talked to New Noise Magazine about the tragic death of Justin Lowe (R.I.P.). Anthony Notarmaso said the following:

“We coped as well as we could have—we still are. Losing someone isn’t easy, and we all dealt with it in our own way. I was angry and sad at the same time. I didn’t know how to feel, and it took time to accept that he really was gone. After the dust settled, we got on the phone to see where we stood. To be honest, we thought about giving up. We asked ourselves if it was right to go on without him, or maybe if it was time to start a new band together. In the end, we felt like we couldn’t let what beat him beat us. That would’ve been even more tragic, and we felt like he wouldn’t have wanted us to stop. I know I wouldn’t have.”

He also added:

“We went through hell to finish this record, and the music translates that. Trent worked his ass off, and it shows. It’s crazy because I think it brought us closer as band. Justin wrote some riffs that made the record, but after a couple of days in the studio he left. He obviously wasn’t okay, and we wanted him to get well. I arrived a few days after the guys had gotten there. I never got to see him.”

To read more, head over to New Noise Magazine.