Cloudkicker Releases Remastered Version Of “Subsume”

Cloudkicker has released a remastered version of his 2013 album “Subsume“ via Bandcamp. This version of the effort also comes with a new bonus track titled “Two Moons.“ Cloudkicker said the following about that song:

“‘Two Moons‘ is a track I wrote in 2013 and never used for ‘Subsume‘ or anything else. I forgot about it until I rediscovered it in August 2020.”

Cloudkicker Premieres New Song “Ludendorffbrücke”

Cloudkicker has released a new song titled “Ludendorffbrücke.” This track will appear on his new album “Solitude,” which is set to be released on September 8. In other news, Cloudkicker will also be launching pre-orders for a number of other releases on September 4. This includes a “Beacons” 10-Year Anniversary and “Bulk of the Series” box set, a 2xLP “Solitude” vinyl, and a new shirt. Details regarding all of those can be found in the below Instagram post.

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Here is a ctrl+v of what I wrote to Bandcamp followers earlier today: Hello again everyone. Next Friday, September 4th is another "Bandcamp Friday" and I'm going to take advantage of the coincidental timing by offering a bunch of preorders that day. First will be the "Beacons 10-Year Anniversary and 'Bulk of the Series' Box Set", tentatively priced at $75. This 4xLP will be a reissue of Beacons through Subsume featuring new and reworked art and reworked and–in the case of Subsume–remastered audio. It will be available in two color configurations: A 2-color opaque splatter that matches each disc to its reworked art, and a "milky clear" version that matches all 4 discs to the new cover art. Each box will come wrapped in a hand-numbered and signed belly band. Next is the 2xLP "Solitude" vinyl, at $28, also in two color configurations: a super cool black and blue "galactic" haze and a coke bottle green in clear with coke bottle green splatter. I will also put up a preorder for a new shirt! It's new but also it's a redesign of the first shirt @charliewagers and I ever did together, and probably my favorite design of his. I don't know if you remember the "Mechahedron" shirt but this one will be called "Mechahedron 2020". And since it's a preorder, I'll be offering sizes from XS all the way to 2XL and I'll just let it go for a while and fill the orders that I get. And if this one isn't your thing don't worry, I'm going to be doing more shirts soon. Lastly will be a new thing I haven't done yet which is a die cast bronze lapel pin which I'll have up for $7. Charlie designed this to be abstractly coincident with the 4LP box set. It's very minimal and cool.

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Cloudkicker Streams New Version Of “Not To Scale Or Painted” Featuring Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable

Cloudkicker has released a new version of “Not To Scale Or Painted” featuring Intronaut‘s Sacha Dunable. This track is from his new album “Solitude,” which will be released on September 8. Cloudkicker mastermind Ben Sharp commented:

“Hey all, here is track 9 of my new album ‘Solitude,’ which is a re-recorded version of ‘Not to Scale or Painted‘. The song was reworked a bit, with some new additions by Sacha Dunable of Intronaut. He and I also worked together on ‘What They Do Is Not Art,’ which will be track 2 of the album.”

Cloudkicker Finish New Album

Ben Sharp has confirmed that he has finished a new Cloudkicker album titled “Solitude.“ On top of that, he is also planning some new vinyl reissues.

Sharp said the following:

“Hey, hello. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for everything over the years. I have two things that I’m excited about right now.

First, I’m going to reissue Beacons, Let Yourself Be Huge, Fade, and Subsume as a 4xLP set. New artwork, audio has been reworked, Subsume has been remastered. 500 copies, hand-numbered, signed. The works. I’d like to do more copies but they’re ridiculously expensive to produce so this will probably be it.

Second, I finished a new album called Solitude. It’s 49 minutes long and will be a 2xLP. I had 94 straight days at home not working, and this is how I spent it. 8 hours a day, every day. 2 tracks feature Sacha Dunable from Intronaut doing cool stuff like slide guitar and mellotron and using all sorts of strange pedals. The digital version has been mastered by my old friend Erol Ulug from the disgustingly heavy band Teeth. The vinyl is being mastered by Dan Wilburn who mastered the latest Intronaut record.

I don’t know when these things are going to be released but I’m hoping I can coincide one or both of them with the 10th anniversary of Beacons on 9/16/20.

Also I am going to make new t shirts soon.

Thanks again, I hope everyone is doing ok.


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Intronaut Recruit Alex Rudinger To Play Drums On Their New Album

Intronaut have confirmed that Alex Rudinger (Whitechapel, ex-The Faceless, etc.) will be playing drums on their new album. The band recently started recording the effort at Clear Lake Audio in Los Angeles, CA. With this news, the group have also revealed that Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker) has been involved in the sessions as well.

The band commented:

“Just wanted to let you all know that we are in the studio making the sixth Intronaut full-length, and do indeed have none other than Alex Rudinger playing drums on this new record. We have been working with him for over a year now writing this thing, and his high level of enthusiasm and insane work ethic really helped us make an excellent bunch of songs together.

This guy is an absolute beast and this album is going to be our best yet by far. As of now he has committed to doing just the album, but hopefully if our schedules allow for it he will come play some live shows with us as well.

Also worth noting, our best friend Ben Sharp (aka Cloudkicker) has written a couple riffs and recorded some guitar parts on this album as well.

We are tracking at Clear Lake Audio in Los Angeles with Josh Newell as we speak, and in late September Kurt Ballou will mix at his studio.”

Rudinger added:

“I’m very stoked to announce that I’ll be doing session drums on the next Intronaut album! I’ve been working/writing with Sacha, David, & Joe for the better part of the last year now, & I couldn’t be happier with the material. It’s without a doubt some of the craziest stuff I’ve written on drums, & the overall compositions by the guys are brilliant.

I’ve had a blast working with them (truly some quality human beings), & am very excited to start tracking today with Josh Newell!

In the meantime, we thought it’d be fun to announce all of this with a play-through of an older Intronaut tune – one of my personal favorites, “Fast Worms”, from their last release ‘The Direction Of Last Things‘. Tracking starts today with Josh Newell at Clearlake Studios in LA, with an early-2020 release date planned (via Metalblade Records!). Hope y’all dig…”