Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) Offers Update On Times Of Grace

Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has offered an update on his and Adam Dutkiewicz’s Times Of Grace project. According to him, the music for the band’s next release “has been complete for a while” and he just needs to finish vocals.

Leach said the following:

“Looking at this photo it feels like a lifetime ago since the last time @times_of_grace_music played. I even look so much different now than back in those days all bloated and perpetually drunk…The new music has been complete for a while now just waiting for me to finish vocals. Adam D has been beyond patient for me to get through what seems like many obstacles, major life changes and more time than I’d like to admit it has taken me to face my demons long enough to write.

The lyrics on this current album we are slowly working on are the deep, painful and soul searching type that can not be forced or faked. In fact even some of my most cherished ones thus far have not been up to par and I must dig deeper and deeper to find the proper words to convey what needs to be said. I want to thank my brother and musical soul mate Adam for his undying patience and sheer belief in my abilities.

Even in times when I’ve doubted if I have enough snuff to keep up with the incredible drive and talent he has graciously reminded me I am worthy. I would also like to thank the 3rd official member of this project @holycrapzombies [Dan Gluszak] for his seriously amazing skills as a drummer and musician. He has been a close friend of ours since we toured with him as our drummer.

He sounds absolutely phenomenal on this album! He had completed his drum parts over a year ago now and has been patiently waiting for the completion of vocals. Packing my bags to head to California for what I hope to be the last of two sessions to get this record done. I hope and pray I am able to produce and perform what is needed to make this album everything I feel it can be.

No teasers here just a little note from me to let you know the wheels are still in fact in motion and I am beyond honored to be a part of this project and band despite my mental and musical shortcomings and countless disbelief in myself. This one will be for the broken and wounded, this is your album…”

Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage) Offers Update On The Weapon: “We Are A Few Weeks Away From Completing All Of The Tracking For Our First Official Release”

Killswitch Engage‘s Jesse Leach has offered an update on his hardcore/punk project The Weapon. He said the following:

“Angry, fast, socially aware, hardcore punk? Yeah we got that @theweaponnyc! We are a few weeks away from completing all of the tracking for our first official release! In the meantime check out 2 demos on Band Camp (link in bio above). Give a follow on our page and stay tuned. This band is the real deal and will definitely scratch your itch if you dig fist raising protest anthems!. Stay tuned. 🏴💀🏴 A”

The Ghost Inside Offer Update On Their Future

The Ghost Inside have offered a new update on their future plans. The band previously played their first show since their November 2015 bus crash at The Shrine in Los Angeles, CA last month and are now discussing the possibility of doing more shows, while continuing to work on new material.

The group said the following:

“Welp, here it is. A month and change has gone by since our show in LA. We’ve spent most of that time together working on music and discussing the next chapter of TGI.

By no means are we ready physically or mentally to do any touring, but July 13 proved to us that we are much more than capable of overcoming all of the challenges that have been placed in our way, and we are ready to play a few more shows.

As the plan for when and where those will be comes together, we will continue to put all our cards on the table. We like to think we are on every part of this journey together with you. Stay tuned as the first couple of announcements will come up quick! TGI now, TGI forever.”

Paul Masvidal Offers Update On New Cynic Album

During a recent appearance on the The MetalSucks Podcast, Paul Masvidal offered an update on the new Cynic album. He said “before the end of the year or early next year, [the band] will have a record delivered.”

Masvidal had the following to say about Cynic’s current state:

“…Cynic has been an ongoing thing in the background. I know we haven’t had a lot of online presence, it’s been pretty low key and quiet. There’s a lot of reasons for that, which at some point maybe I will publicly explain, but at this point, [bassist Sean] Malone and I are communicating regularly and swapping files.

We have the workings of a new record that are there, and we’re working with [drummer] Matt Lynch out of Atlanta, and at some point in the next I don’t even know when, before the end of the year or early next year, we will have a record delivered and kind of be on that train promoting the new Cynic work. Again, Cynic has never been a band to rush things and can somewhat argue to a fault but we’ve never been interested in producing things in that way.”

“It’s more about just being organic about our process and letting things naturally develop, and coming back to it in an authentic and genuine way versus in an obligatory way. Too many of my friends from early have found themselves in a situation where they could have a career as working musicians and ended up in a cycle of work versus inspired work.

I’ve always been afraid of that, not wanting to get into that place where I’m feeling like I have to be in a cycle versus producing real art that holds up and will stand up over time. ‘I truly have something to say’ versus just pumping things out.

It’s easy for me at least to write songs because it’s something I do every day, or nearly every day, but writing and composing isn’t the hard part, it’s really finding the entire thing and ‘what are you trying to say? What is this? What does it mean?’ and not getting too carried away with all that, because that can slow you down as well.

It’s really a fine line between trying to produce art that has some meaning and substance and holds up. Those are kind of the governing principles of this Cynic project. It’s ruled by that versus the machine of business.”

On another note, Masvidal released the first EP in his solo trilogy last month.

The Ghost Inside Say “There Is A Future” For The Band

Earier this month, The Ghost Inside had their first band practice since their November 2015 bus crash, and then posted a video update saying that they still “have a long, long road ahead of [them] before [they] get on stage.” Now, the band have shared another update saying “there is a future” for them.

Here’s the group’s full statement:

“This is The Ghost Inside 2018. We weren’t always sure we would make it here. All along we’ve said ‘let’s just get in a room with instruments and see what happens’. Andrew gave us 4 clicks and we sailed off into Between the Lines. Over the next few hours we hacked our way through a dozen or so songs, one at a time. Everything is different. Fingers and feet and throats that have played these songs a thousand times don’t operate on autopilot anymore.

But there was something special, something beautiful, in doing the thing we love by sheer force of will. Spending a week together as bandmates answered the question that has been on all of our minds – yes there is a future for TGI. We still aren’t sure exactly what it looks like. It might be one show, it might be a few shows. It could be a new song or a whole new record.

Our journey into that future is just beginning, and we will bring everyone that is interested along with us. Every Monday, one band member will take over all of our social media to give you insight and updates on their personal progress, as well as glimpses behind the scenes of what we are doing as The Ghost Inside as this new chapter unfolds. We know that this is a new normal but hey, the same old thing gets boring right? Thanks for proving that you are the Tried and True.”

The Ghost Inside On First Band Practice Since 2015: “We Have A Long, Long Road Ahead Of Us Before We Get On Stage”

The Ghost Inside’s Jim Riley and Jonathan Vigil have shared a new video update following their first band practice since their horrific November 2015 bus crash. Riley said the following in the clip:

“It was really incredible to finally get in a room and do what we do. But it also showed us that we have a long, long road ahead of us before we get on stage… We’re not leaving here today with a date set in stone to go out and play a show and you guys just don’t know about it yet. We think that when we reach the point when we can put a date on the calendar, pretty shortly after we know, we’re gonna share it with you.”

[via The PRP]

The Word Alive Offer New Album Update

The Word Alive have offered an update on their new album progress. You can read what they had to say below.

“To the TWA family,

It is our pleasure to be writing you from the studio as we dive into recording our 5th full-length album. If you would have told any of us that nearly 10 years later we would be touring, making new music, and traveling the world we wouldn’t have believed you. That has always been our goal and our dream, but you have made it possible. We’re very excited about this album, since it is the 1st album we will be recording with a full vision of the future for The Word Alive. We have once again enlisted our friend Matt Good (Dark Matter) to oversea the album recording process.

With the amazing cycle we had during Dark Matter, we knew the logical step was to continue forward with what we loved and our fans loved. We are building off of something amazing and we feel we have found a defined sound that will continue to grow throughout the years to come.

This also marks the 6th studio process for Zack Tony and I. From day 1 we have pushed each other, and been the core writers of The Word Alive. We have experimented in so many ways, and I’m very grateful to be in a band with such talented musicians and writers who aren’t afraid to test the limits of what they can do. It is my pleasure to have seen them grow and bring to the table the new material for what will be our 5th record.

I know all of you will want to know what it sounds like, but that day will have to wait. All I hope you’re interested in knowing is that we have never been more excited about the future of the band, the material we are writing, or about being in a band together. We currently have 12 songs that have made the cut from over 50 songs. These are the best songs we have ever written, and we can already feel the energy they bring.

When I listen to these songs in their infancy, I know the amazing shows to come and how much fun we will have together. It has been through recent changes within the band that we refocused our energy on our friendships and reminded each other what made us want to play music in the 1st place. Being in The Word Alive in 2017 and beyond will have a renewed excitement and passion that you will all undoubtedly witness and hopefully be a part of as we continue to tour tirelessly playing music we love.

We will update you throughout the next several weeks on the process of the album, and hope you’re ready for the next chapter and evolution of The Word Alive.

With love and appreciation,
Telle Tony and Zack“

Cold Offer New Album Update

Scooter Ward has offered an update on the new Cold album. You can read that below.

“UPDATE from S.W. to Cold Army on new album and future events!

Hey guys! 1st off I’m hoping Everyone is doing well and things are going GREAT for all of you.
I will keep this short as I’m finishing up lyrics on the last couple of songs with time and focus being key right now.

Our apologies for stopping the studio updates and going dark with the new album. Truth is that for the first time in my career I experienced writers block. I’ve always been able to sit down, write music, and have the words flow freely. It had been effortless in the past. The music for the album was easy. The lyrics? Not so much. I needed this record to be top notch. As with all our records I treated this as the most important album of my career. Thankfully my lyric writing is back and in full force. Things are flowing once again and better than ever.

Life sometimes stop you in your tracks and there were a few personal things happening that affected my thought process. As you guys know. Family comes first. Some of the events and emotions will be clear to you all when you hear the new songs. Its a beautiful album and I’m hoping you guys are going to love it. Its definitely something for everyone. Little bit of all the Cold albums wrapped up into one and some new sounds too. The album title and release dates are coming soon! New album will be available this year!

We have new management with Primary Wave and are locking in some dates for a November through December tour in the states. Cold has decided to start off with a acoustic/storytellers tour. Very intimate cool setting .Similar to the one we did before the release of Year of the Spider. Yet bigger and better! We will also be touring Europe next year!! Its been way too long! We are all very excited about seeing our Cold family again and sharing the music with you.

Missed you guys so much! You guys truly are my extended family and I thank you all for your patience and loyalty throughout this long process. But in the end it will all be worth it and we can move forward and create new memories together. is currently under construction. There will be a splash page put up this week and new content will soon be added. We are excited to get our first real Cold store up and running . Going to get you all involved with ideas for new Merch!!

Also in the near future I will be doing a video chat with you guys to answer any and all questions about line up changes ,upcoming tours ,merchandise ,song meanings, and anything else we can think of! Will be nice to hear from everyone and catch up! The long wait is almost over!! Cant wait to see you all again! Love and miss you all very much! Stay tuned! Things are about to lift off! S.W.”

We Are Harlot Offer Band Update

With Danny Worsnop returning to Asking Alexandria, We Are Harlot have decided to offer an update on their status. They said that the band “will not be sidelined in any way” and that “one way or another” a new album will be released in February.


Here’s the band’s full statement:

“Hi everyone..

Ok, where to start?

So just like everybody else, We were pretty much blindsided by all this in the same way. We saw and heard bits of things but found out in about the same way you all did.

Things change fast in the music business and many times a decision is made very quickly that changes everybody’s schedules and futures.

Everybody in the Music Industry – bands, labels, managers, agents, lawyers, you name it – are doing what they can to survive. Package tours, VIP experience, album sales linked to ticket sales, get an original line-up back together (hmmm…) the list goes on and on! Everything that is happening now is fully understandable from behind the curtains.

We’ve all seen this story before.

Here’s the biggest problem.. All this comes at the expense of one person, wait millions of people, You the innocent loyal fan. And to us.. that sucks! Cause we in Harlot started this band cause we were, and still are the fans! We are no different then you.

And, this is the state of the music business at this juncture.. It is daily becoming increasingly more and more difficult for artists and labels to make enough money to live, let alone tour and make albums.

We in Harlot will in no way act as though we are the victims. There is zero me is us and there is zero me in We. We Are Harlot is exactly what it has always been.. All of us in a resounding “We”. And We proved that with a debut album that was critically praised worldwide, won multiple awards and spent 11 months of straight touring through 28 countries worldwide and much much more. Not a bad start.

Harlot was always built on friendship, integrity and the fun of writing and performing the music that we truly love. Anyone who ever saw us play saw 4 guys having an absolute amazing time together on and off the stage. Actually playing the music! As if that should even have to be said.

So, that brings up the resounding question of what next…

At this point we will wait to see what happens and we will keep our fingers crossed along with all of you. But rest assured, Harlot will not be sidelined in ANY way and know full well that you will have a new Harlot album in your hands by Feb. One way or another.

We love you all and thanks for dealing with all this along with us. See you out on the road very soon.”