Unveil The Strength (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch, Etc.) Premiere “Hell’s Never Over” Video

Unveil The Strength (ex-Five Finger Death Punch, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Hell’s Never Over.” You can check that out below:

The clip originally debuted over at HeartSupport.com. The group said the following about that:

“We believe in HeartSupport because they are doing something no one else has done. They are bridging the gap for mental health in a relateable way that people and music fans can connect with. On one end, you have the music fans that are maybe going through something and feel isolated, trapped and lonely. On the other end, you have people making music about the very same feelings. The truth is, everyone goes through a dark place, but we have to remember its just temporary, just a moment. HeartSupport is never above, never below, and always beside you.”


Matt Snell (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Launches New Project Unveil The Strength

Matt Snell (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) has teamed up with Mark Wölfe, Andy James, Matt Guillory, and Tim Hassemer in a new band called Unveil The Strength. The group have shared the below introductory video, which features their upcoming track “War Inside Us All”:

Snell commented:

“We want to put the grown man back in metal — that spirit is being lost in the shuffle. We’re going back to the roots, to real fucking metal.”

He also added the following about their album release plans:

“The landscape has changed so much regarding how to successfully get music to the public, so we’re going a different route. Right now, we’re halfway through the album and we have video concepts for every song. Instead of releasing all 10 songs at once that will just be put up on the Internet to be stolen, our idea is to constantly release new songs all the time. We want to unveil this record to the public, with a video to go along with each song.”

The band have been working on the album with Rob Kukla and Henrik Udd. Snell added the following about the production team:

“The production is amazing on the new album. It accentuates that we’re an active rock band — but we’re a little bit heavier, a little bit edgier. It illustrates that we can write, and that we have an ear for metal.”

He also talked a bit about Wölfe’s “real” lyrics:

“Mark has had an amazing life. He is a Marine; a veteran. He’s lived on the streets, ya know? He’s seen and done a lot. He writes from his core being and writes real songs that relate to the band’s message.”

Unveil The Strength’s first single “Foundations” is expected to be released soon.