Psycho Synner (Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Release Nine New Albums

Psycho Synner, the band fronted by ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, have just released nine new albums. Spencer said the following about that:

“We couldn’t play shows because of the pandemic, so we locked ourselves up and wrote and recorded nonstop. Nine albums later, we have really found our groove, so to speak.”

Here’s the complete list of releases:

  • “Unholy Hymns For The Children” (their debut)
  • “Bite The Snake” (the slimy, electric rock record)
  • “As The Demon Dances Under The Blood Red Sky” (the psychedelic record)
  • “Fuck The Fire” (the straight ahead face-smasher)
  • “Killing You Softly” (the acoustic record)
  • “666 BC Volume 1: The Burning Years” (first of a double album)
  • “666 AD Volume 2: The Scorched Years” (second of a double album)
  • “Dying To See You” (the straight up metal record)
  • “The Devil Made You Do It” (the Satanic rock ‘n’ roll record)

Fans that purchase physical copies of all nine albums at will also receive a digital covers EP titled “Songs To Stalk You By.” Furthermore, the band have also premiered a new video for their new song “Bite The Snake”:

Jeremy Spencer Relaunches Psychosexual As Psycho Synner

Jeremy Spencer (ex-Five Finger Death Punch) has rebooted his Psychosexual project once again. The band have since been rebranded as Psycho Synner and they are currently working on nine albums.

Spencer commented:

“I chose [Psychosexual] because the song’s lyrics were primarily sex-oriented. So, when I formed a new rock band, I kept that name. However, once the new music became guitar-centric, it took on a more sinister style–less about sex and partying. Having originally released a collection of songs with little or no push or promotion, we’ve definitely found a musical approach that bespeaks who we’ve become…who we are!

This has been an evolutionary process. One song led to the next dozen. The next dozen led to what is now 90 songs. That’s right, ninety! We’ve grown into an eclectic, hard rock/heavy metal band–with touches of goth thrown in for good measure.

Psycho Synner is a perfect fit for the band’s heavier musical profile and, as a result, I’ve chosen the character name, Grym Synner. The upcoming simultaneous release of nine albums is not only revolutionary in itself, but each one perfectly encapsulates the band’s changing musical landscape. Something for everyone! And, I mean that in the best sense. Hardcore rockers and heavy metal fans will find exactly what they like and who we’ve come to be.

…Each of the nine albums has its own unique listening experience…..and with the positive reaction we’re getting, fans will have no trouble finding music to satisfy their personal taste!”

With this news, the band have also shared a new video for “On Your Grave”:

[via The PRP]