Cradle Of Filth Perform In New York Alone After Members Of 3TEETH And Once Human Reportedly Test Positive For COVID-19

According to Ghost Cult, Cradle Of Filth ended up performing without supporting acts during their October 11 show at Irving Plaza in New York, NY. 3TEETH and Once Human were supposed to open, but their sets were cut after members of the bands reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Once Human’s gear was already onstage, but it was quickly removed and replaced with Cradle Of Filth’s gear. None of the bands appear to have addressed the situation, but the tour is scheduled to pick back up at The Agora Theater in Cleveland, OH on October 14.

Once Human Premiere “Only In Death” Music Video

Once Human (ex-Machine Head, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Only In Death.” This track is from the band’s new album “Scar Weaver,“ which will be released on February 11. Vocalist Lauren Hart commented:

“This is my most personal song on the new album. It meant so much to me, that I really needed to get my hands dirty with the visuals. Logan and I filmed everything to keep the song’s the raw meaning. Musically, it’s very emotional and dire, and the outro is probably my favorite piece of music on the album!”

Once Human Premiere Music Video For New Song “Deadlock” Featuring Machine Head’s Robb Flynn

Once Human, the band featuring former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, have premiered a new video for their new song “Deadlock.” This track features Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn and it will appear on the band’s new album “Scar Weaver,” which is set to be released on February 11, 2022. Once Human frontwoman Lauren Hart said the following about collaborating with Flynn:

“It was absolutely amazing, are you kidding? didn’t believe it was happening until he sent something back and I heard his voice on our song. I was like, ‘Holy crap! This is real!’ He came back with a new chorus and it was so much better than mine, so my chorus was gone! [Laughs] But then performing with him in the video, that was insane. The energy he brings on stage, he brings in person too. It was a great experience and his energy is so powerful. The video came out amazing!”

Once Human Premiere “Sledgehammer” Music Video

Once Human have premiered a new video for their new song “Sledgehammer.” Guitarist Logan Mader (Machine Head) said the following:

“‘Sledgehammer‘ smashes from start to finish. With insane riffs, relentless drumming and Lauren Hart just kills it!!! Vocally showcasing totally new and powerful cleans in the massive chorus hook, it marks a new chapter in Once Human sound. I had tons of fun producing and mixing this track. Utilizing more analog gear than I normally do it’s really explosive. Our last album sounds good, but this one actually smokes it.”

[via Metal Injection]

Once Human Stream Studio Version Of Their Cover Of Machine Head’s “Davidian”

Once Human, the band featuring former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, are streaming the studio version of their cover of Machine Head‘s “Davidian.“ The track was previously only available with the Japanese version of their latest album “Evolution.“ Mader commented:

“We had a lot of fun recording our cover of ‘Davidian‘. For me it was very nostalgic as an original performer and co-writer of the song. We released it on our last album but only as a bonus track for the Japanese market. After receiving many messages and seeing comments from fans outside of Japan wanting to hear the song, we decided to release it worldwide so anyone can stream it or buy it now. ‘Burn My Eyes‘ just turned 24 years old but the album still stands up as a memorable and influential album. This is our tribute to a great band and a timeless song.”

Once Human To Release “Stage Of Evolution” Live Album In September

Once Human, the band featuring ex-Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, will be releasing a new live album called “Stage Of Evolution” on September 28. You can check out “Flock Of Flesh” from the effort, along with the cover art and track listing below. Mader commented:

“I know it’s uncommon for a band who is not headlining to record a live album. We were able to pull it off because today’s technology and compact size of the necessary gear is a part of our everyday monitoring system. We had loads of fun on tour with DragonForce. I’m so glad we captured a nice piece of it to share with all our fans.”

“Stage Of Evolution” Track Listing:

01. “Eye Of Chaos”
02. “Killers For The Cure”
03. “Mass Murder Frenzy”
04. “Gravity”
05. “Passenger”
06. “Pick Your Poison”
07. “Paragon”
08. “Davidian” (Machine Head cover) (feat. DragonForce’s Frédéric Leclercq)
09. “Flock Of Flesh”

Once Human Premiere “Dark Matter” Music Video

Once Human have premiered a new video for their new song “Dark Matter,” via Revolver. This song is from the band’s new album, “Evolution,” which will be released tomorrow (February 17).

Lauren Hart said the following:

“This vicious new track, ‘Dark Matter,’ is about the dark energy in the world that affects us at our core. You can hold on to it and let it destroy you or you can let it flow through you and grow above it. It is there to strengthen you; letting it destroy you is a choice.”

Once Human Record Cover Of Machine Head’s “Davidian” For Japanese Edition Of “Evolution”

Once Human, who feature former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader, have recorded a cover version of Machine Head‘s “Davidian“ for the Japanese edition of their new album “Evolution.” That effort will be available on February 10.

Once Human Premiere “Gravity” Music Video

Once Human have premiered a new video for their new song “Gravity,” via Metal Injection. This song is from the band’s new album, “Evolution,” which will be released on February 10.

Logan Mader (ex-Machine Head/Soulfly) said the following:

“We shot this new video once again with director Ron Thunderwood, because he gives us a lot of freedom to be ourselves. He is mostly a one man army, so the convenience aspect is awesome.

We love his passion and wanted people to see his versatility and skill outside of a controlled room. We worked with all natural light so we had a small window of time. The wind was so strong that we almost lost the drone and Ron had to chase it.

We were not expecting the wind and the dust, but we went with it anyway and in the end it really seemed to fit with the lyrics. The lyrics and the vibe of the video are nearly the same: constantly cloudy, unexpected, messy, racing complexities of the mind, and only a moment of clarity.

This new video also officially marks the debut of Max Karon on guitars. He’s an amazing guitarist and played a big role in the creative process with Lauren and I on our new album, ‘Evolution‘.

We are releasing this song as the 2nd single because it shows the more progressive elements within our album, has meaningful lyrics and displays Lauren‘s diversity as a vocalist.”