Watch Nita Strauss Play Shinsuke Nakamura’s Intro At Wrestlemania

During Wrestlemania 34 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, in New Orleans, LA last night (April 8), Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) performed Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance theme “The Rising Sun.” You can see footage of that below, and check out her recap of the event over at Loudwire.


Nita Stauss (Alice Cooper, Etc.) Launches Kickstarter For New Solo Album

Nita Strauss (ALice Cooper, etc.) has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming solo album “Controlled Chaos.” As of press time, she has already more than tripled her $20,000 goal, but you can still donate and get some cool perks.

You guys. I’ve been trying to come up with the right words to say this since yesterday. 🙈 YOU ALL smashed through my month long goal in TWO HOURS, and doubled it by the end of the day!!!!!!!! I am amazed and humbled by your support, and I am going to make you all proud to be a part of this project!!!!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to donate, share or just check it out!!! 😭🎶 I wanted to start modestly because I didn’t know what the reaction was going to be- but now that we’ve reached the initial goal, I can start bigger plans, and also make it more fun for you guys! We have 29 days left! I can plan more 🍕 nights, order vinyl, and of course you guys will be able to pre order the album and the bundles… what else should we do? What else would make it cooler? You guys tell me and I’ll find a way to work the most popular stuff in. We have until May 4th (Star Wars Day) to have fun with this thing. 🎸🎶 Link in bio if you haven’t checked it out already!!! Photo: @neilzlozower

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Nita Strauss Named First Ever Female Ibanez Signature Artist

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) has revealed that she has been named the first ever female Ibanez signature artist. She made the following Instagram post regarding that:

IT’S REAL!!!!!!!! ✨😭 You are officially. Looking at. The first ever female Ibanez signature artist. After years of dreaming, hoping and working, followed by months of planning and preparation… I am honored and proud to introduce my signature guitar, the Ibanez JIVA. 🎶 This beauty will be sold worldwide and comes equipped exactly how I play it live, including brand new signature DiMarzio pickups meticulously designed by yours truly. 🎶 When I had my first meeting with Ibanez in September of 2008, they asked me why they should add me to the artist roster. My (typically emotional) answer was… “All my heroes are Ibanez players 😭 It’s a dream come true for me to just come and meet you guys. If you don’t want to give me an endorsement, I’ll still play my Ibanez guitars proudly, but it would be a huge honor to join the family and represent the company officially.” They took a chance on a basically unknown girl from LA (I was actually the only girl on the USA roster at that time) and coming up on my 10th amazing year as an Ibanez artist, words cannot express how honored and thrilled I am to now join the ranks of my greatest heroes as a signature artist. 🎶 I am so grateful to Mike Orrigo, Shogo Wada, Moti Kishiuchi, Tyler Busque and all at Ibanez Guitars, to Rob Nishida and Mike Taft for your support at the beginning and especially to Josh for making this dream a reality!! 😭 For the guitar players- specs are coming in the next post 😏 Photo: @robertdownsphotography

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Nita Strauss Premieres “Pandemonium” Music Video

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss has premiered a new video for her new solo track “Pandemonium.” This song will appear on the “She Rocks, Volume 1″ compilation, which is set to be released on January 20 through Steve Vai’s Favored Nations.

Strauss said the following:

“As you guys may or may not know by now, for the past year or so, I’ve been focusing on writing and putting my band together, and while I always thought about making a solo album, I thought my energy would be better spent right now focusing on giving the band my all and making those songs as great as they could be. But when Steve Vai asked if I’d be a part of this compilation, you better believe I jumped at the chance!

As a guitar player, even though I’ve always played in bands, most of my heroes have been solo players like Vai, [Joe] Satriani, Jason Becker, and, of course, the great Jennifer Batten, just to name a few. I am beyond excited to take my first step into the instrumental guitar world that I’ve always loved so much, and do it with the awesome players on this compilation.”