Journey To Release New Single Next Week

Journey are planning to release a new single on June 24. The band confirmed the news, while also announcing their appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV on September 18.

Journey Reach Settlement With Steve Smith And Ross Valory Following Alleged “Corporate Coup D’État”

Journey have officially resolved their legal dispute with ex-bassist Ross Valory and ex-drummer Steve Smith. This news comes after guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain filed a lawsuit against the former members following an alleged “corporate coup d’état.”

Journey’s management Q Prime commented:

“The members of the band Journey who were parties to a recent lawsuit (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Smith and Ross Valory) are pleased to announce that they have resolved their differences and reached an amicable settlement agreement. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain acknowledge the valuable contributions that both Ross Valory and Steve Smith have made to the music and the legacy of Journey. Ross Valory and Steve Smith wish their former bandmates well and much success in the future. Journey looks forward to continuing to tour and make new music for their dedicated fans around the world.”

As previously reported, Journey’s new lineup consists of guitarist Neal Schon, keyboardist Jonathan Cain, vocalist Arnel Pineda, bassist Randy Jackson, drummer Narada Michael Walden, and second keyboardist Jason Derlatka.

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Neal Schon Says Journey’s New Single “Should Be Coming Out Mid-February”

It was previously revealed that Journey were working on a new album and now it looks like we may get the effort’s first single next month. During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Neal Schon said that the band are planning to release a new song in mid-February.

Schon said the following about the progress the band have made on their new album:

“It’s coming along, man. It’s really shaping up. Narada [Michael Walden, producer/drummer] and I have been working nonstop. Jonathan [Cain, keyboards] is also working from his houses in Florida and Nashville. Arnel [Pineda, vocals] is working from Manila. [Bassist] Randy Jackson is working mostly from L.A. And it’s one of those Zoom sessions and it sounds phenomenal. It sounds like we’re all playing in the room at the same time. I actually can’t wait until we do get together and start putting the show together. The new single should be coming out mid-February.”

He also added the following when asked how the group’s new lineup has impacted their sound:

“You have to hear it for yourself. It still sounds very much like Journey thanks to the songwriting, my guitar playing, and the vocals. But the rhythm section is definitely a powerhouse. Narada has been known for years, and Randy Jackson is a completely monstrous bass player. Some people may not be aware of his work, but they have credentials that go way, way back. Randy and I have always been pretty in tune, and Narada and I are in tune. And now it’s coming together. It’s got a new strut to it.

There’s nothing we really can’t play. I’ve got a track I laid down with Narada the other day. I sent it to Arnel and he was freaking out. He said, ‘This sounds like brand-new [Jimi] Hendrix or Prince. Please write more of that.’ And I was just messing around. It was just a jam we did and it turned out to be monstrous. We’re creating. We aren’t afraid to go to new places. It’s easy to stay safe and write where we have always been. We have a bit of that so we don’t lose everyone, but at the same token, this is a new chapter of Journey. I want to go where we have not gone before.”

Neal Schon Says Journey Are Headlining Lollapalooza Next Year

If the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t derail their plans, Journey will be headlining the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago next year. Guitarist Neal Schon confirmed the news during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk.”

Schon said the following:

“I’m dying to get on stage again. We have our first date booked for Lollapalooza, and we’re headlining in Chicago. And that’s supposedly in April. Hopefully that’ll not get pushed back, because vaccine is finally here. And hopefully they start dispersing it very quickly so everybody can get back on their feet and can get out and hear music, ’cause that’s what heals the world, I think.”

He continued when it was mentioned that the band were on an odd choice for a festival that mainly features alternative rock, hip-hop and electronic artists:

“I have not seen the bill. Alls I know is we’re headlining it. I can guarantee you that with the new blood in the band, when we get together for two weeks of rehearsal before that show, we will be the new alternative. [Laughs] We’re gonna add a lot to the show. We’re gonna bring some new dynamics and open things up a bit and show people what the musicianship is really like in this band.”

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Journey’s Arnel Pineda Teams Up With One OK Rock’s Takahiro “Taka” Moriuchi For Quarantine Performance Of “Open Arms”

Journey’s Arnel Pineda and One OK Rock’s Takahiro “Taka” Moriuchi have shared a quarantine performance of Journey’s “Open Arms.” Pineda commented:

“GOOD DAY honor the #legacy of #JOURNEY’s #ESCAPEalbum, specifically #NealSchon #Jonathan Cain #StevePerry #RossValory #SteveSmith…me and my one of a kind & extra exceptional buddy rocker of the amazing band #OneOkRock #Taka decided to jam this song #OpenArms hope you’ll enjoy it folks..and thank you in advance if you ever find yourselves listening and watching it for awhile.. WE HAVE NO INTENTION OF OWNING NOR INFRINGE THE COPYRIGHT OF THIS SONG.. ROCK ON BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!”

Neal Schon Hoping To Release New Journey Single In July

It was recently revealed that Journey were working on a new album and now it looks like we may get the effort’s first single this summer. During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation,” guitarist Neal Schon said that he is hoping to release a new song in July.

Schon said the following:

“It’s been a crazy year, and many, many changes to come. And [I’m] just staying busy. The best thing I can do is stay busy, stay healthy and write music. And so I’ve been taking advantage of this time off. We had already taken a year off from touring. We were expecting to tour this year and it didn’t happen. And so [I’m] writing music, coordinating a lot with Jon Cain [keyboards] and Narada Michael Walden [drums] and Randy Jackson [bass] and Arnel [Pineda, vocals]. And we are off and running, man. We have, like, five new songs in the making right now, and hopefully a single coming out in July sometime.”

He went on to say that the band “have not yet been able” to get together in person:

“Arnel has been in the Philippines, and there’s a whole bunch of hoops that you have to jump through for him to get over here, with quarantine and everything else. I’ve been working in the studio here, ’cause Narada lives close by, and I’m working at his studio and I’m laying down tracks with live drums and guitar, much like I’ve done with many, many records. And so it’s a comfortable situation for me. I like playing with guitar and drums, and it’s a great way to create, especially rock. And I’ve created many records like that, going back to Jan Hammer. So we’re in a good flow right now. And Randy is recording his parts in L.A., Jonathan is recording his parts in Florida, Arnel is recording his parts in the Philippines. And it’s a virtual record right now. But I am looking forward to getting together in the same room… In the meantime, I feel like we should just continue doing what we’re doing and creating new music. I feel by the time that we actually get out, we could possibly have two new records done.”

He also added the following when asked about release plans:

“The first song that we recorded, Arnel had just finished vocals on it, I believe, yesterday. And so now we’re gonna get it into the mixing stages. Hopefully, I think sometime in July — sooner or later in July.”

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Neal Schon Says Journey’s New Album Is “Starting To Take Shape”

It looks like Journey are working on a new album. Neal Schon said the following:

“Been in studio and Journey album is starting to take shape 🤟🏽back in later today zzzzz @nealschon @nealandmichaeleschon @merck_mercuriadis @journeymusicofficial @gibsoncustom @chromeheartsofficial #schön #soar”

Journey Reveal New Lineup

Journey have officially announced their new lineup. In addition to guitarist Neal Schon, keyboardist Jonathan Cain and vocalist Arnel Pineda, the band now features bassist Randy Jackson, drummer Narada Michael Walden and second keyboardist Jason Derlatka. You can see footage of the new lineup performing a socially distanced version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” as part of UNICEF USA’s “UNICEF We Won’t Stop” virtual event below. This news comes after the group previously fired bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith for allegedly launching an “ill-conceived corporate coup d’état” to take control of the band’s name. As previously reported, Valory has since countersued.

Journey Cancel North American Tour

Journey have cancelled their North American tour with The Pretenders due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 60-date trek was previously scheduled to kick off this month.

Journey commented:

“There is no greater thrill for us than playing for our incredibly devoted audience, but their safety must come first. Having seen what the world has endured during the last 45 days, and not knowing what the rest of this year or 2021 will bring, we knew the right thing to do was to make sure our fans’ health was not put in jeopardy and to provide immediate access to refund options given the unexpected events caused by this terrible virus. We would like to thank all doctors, nurses, police, other first responders and essential workers for their heroic efforts; as well as our fans for doing everything possible to stay safe. We would also like to send The Pretenders our best wishes and hope to see them in the future. We will see everyone again as soon as it is safe to tour, and we will share that news as it becomes available. In the meantime, please Don’t Stop Believin’ in the wonder of life and in each other.”

Ross Valory Countersues Journey’s Neal Schon And Jonathan Cain

As previously reported, Journey recently fired bassist Ross Valory and drummer Steve Smith after the duo allegedly tried to go through with an “ill-conceived corporate coup d’état” to take control of the band’s name. Now, Valory has fired back with a countersuit against guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

Valory’s attorneys filed a cross-complaint in Contra Costa County Superior Court on April 6. They also shared “evidence,” which they believe refutes Schon and Cain’s allegations, while also setting causes of action for monetary damages for trying to “wrongfully” remove Valory from the group.

Valory’s attorney Andrew Spielberger said the following:

“Ross is shocked and devastated by the conduct of his lifelong bandmates (Schon and Cain) and is disappointed that there was never any attempt to sit down and discuss what is most likely a misunderstanding and something that easily could have been worked out.”

He also added:

“If there ever was a time to have perspective in this world about disagreements — it is now. Unfortunately, this disagreement between ‘brothers’ who have played music together for the past 35 to 45 years was not able to be resolved during the current coronavirus crisis when many are suffering. Ross feels horrible about this whole unnecessary ordeal. But he is a fighter and he has hired able counsel to defend and fight for his rights. I expect he will be vindicated and justice will prevail.”

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