Enslaved Are The Focus Of A 12-Part Documentary Series On Norwegian TV

Enslaved are the focus of a new 12-part documentary series titled “Heimvegen.” The show has been airing every Saturday on TV Haugaland in Norway and on YouTube. The first five episodes can be found below with English subtitles. Grutle Kjellson commented:

“Doing the documentary for TV Haugaland has turned out to be one of the biggest, positive surprises in our career. It pretty much came out of the blue as well; we were asked early in the summer of 2020, and we were, like, ‘Oh okay, a local tv network wants to have a little chat. Why not?’ That it has ended up as a 12-part documentary was far beyond all of us involved could imagine, and such a great surprise. Director Dag Olav Husås has really outdone a hell of lot of productions made by a lot bigger networks around the globe, in my opinion. He has somehow made us re-discover ourselves, our roots, and going down this memory lane had been an utter pleasure. I hope not just our fans, but also new acquaintances will appreciate watching this as much as we did making it.”

Enslaved Announce Spring 2021 European/UK Tour With Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom, & Crown

If the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t derail their plans, Enslaved will be heading out on a European/UK tour with Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom, and Crown in spring 2021. The band will be touring in support of their latest album “Utgard.”

Tour Dates:

05/09 Berlin, GER – Hole44
05/10 Utrecht, NET – De Helling
05/11 Lille, FRA – Maison Folie Beaulieu
05/12 Birmingham, UK – 02 Institute 2
05/13 Glasgow, UK – Classic Grand
05/14 Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
05/15 London, UK – 229
05/16 Paris, FRA – La Machine du Moulin Rouge
05/18 Madrid, SPA – Caracol
05/19 Barcelona, SPA – Boveda
05/20 Lyon, FRA – CCO
05/21 Aarau, SWI – KiFF
05/22 Vienna, AUT – Metal Meeting
05/24 Munich, GER – Backstage
05/25 Stuttgart, GER – Wizemann
05/26 Cologne, GER – Luxor
05/27 Frankfurt, GER – Das Bett
05/28 Hamburg, GER – Uebel & Gefährlich
05/29 Leipzig, GER – Hellraiser

Enslaved commented:

“We are aware of the uncertainty surrounding any activities being planned for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, incurable optimism and a pragmatic outlook is in our nature. This has guided us in making plans for May 2021; plans for a tour that will finally bring the ‘Utgard‘-live concept outside of Norway. Expect to see an Enslaved-show unlike anything you have seen before!!!

Tickets will go on sale this Friday October 16th. We cannot wait to hit the road with class acts such as Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and CROWN.

And yes… in case we cannot bring ‘Utgard‘ to the stage May 2021 – we already have a backup solution for early 2022 (Peter Griffin-style sigh). Any purchased tickets will of course remain valid!

We will observe the situation closely and keep you updated. We have high hopes that ‘Utgard‘ can be presented to the world, live on stage by May 2021. This is who we are.

Of course, the health of everyone involved is our number one priority, and we will never compromise on that. Stay safe!
See you in the Flesh!

– Enslaved“

Enslaved Announce Virtual “Utgard” Album Release Show

Enslaved will be celebrating the release of their new album “Utgard” (out October 2) with a virtual show on October 1 at 11:00am PDT/02:00pm EDT. The band will be performing several tracks from the record during the event, which will stream live on YouTube.

Enslaved Premiere “Urjotun” Music Video

Enslaved have premiered a new video for their new song “Urjotun.” This track is from the band’s new album “Utgard,“ which will be released on October 2.

Grutle Kjellson commented:

“The lyrical idea for ‘Urjotun‘ had been spinning around in the chaos in the back of my head for quite a while, when Ivar sent me the riff-demo last autumn. I knew instantly that this was it, the very soundtrack of the rise of the primeval giant, the Urjotun! Our mutual love and fascination for that early krautrock scene and for bands like Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, finally fully ascended in an Enslaved song, almost 30 years after we picked up those legendary kraut-albums.

It’s funny, that in Germany they referred to this kind of music as “Kosmische Musik”, cosmic music! And, that is exactly what this song is about; cosmic chaos. On top of this, director David Hall, made a perfect projection and visualization of our troubled minds.”

Enslaved Premiere “Jettegryta” Music Video

Enslaved have premiered a new video for their new song “Jettegryta.” This track is from the band’s new album “Utgard,“ which will be released on October 2.

Grutle Kjellson commented:

“Iceland was the perfect place to shoot the video for ‘Jettegryta‘. Jettegryta translates to Giant´s Cauldron and refers to a phenomenon in nature, where rivers/running water – over a long period – create an often cylindrical hole in solid rock. In ancient Norse folklore, the Jette/Jotun (giants) made these cauldrons to cook in.

Although these particular nature phenomena don’t exist on the volcanic island of Iceland, there are plenty of other places on this magical island that could lead to the dwelling of the giants! When Norse settlers came to Iceland in the 8th and 9th century, the fumes and fog from the hot streams and the volcanos clearly told them that this island was inhabited by elves, dwarves and giants!

This reminded them of the stories of Utgard. To them, Iceland was on the doorsteps of Utgard, the outer borders of the world of men; a gateway. The lyrics of the song deal with entering such a mythological and esoteric place; deep within your own mind and imagination, a gateway into the dreams, the unconscious and the realm of chaos. We have tried to transform these words into this clip, and maybe you can feel a glimpse of what those early Icelanders felt when they first entered this realm!”

Enslaved Announce Virtual Summer Tour

Enslaved have announced a “Cinematic Summer” virtual tour. The trek will feature three livestreamed shows, including one on July 30, one on August 20, and one on September 30.

The band commented:

“‘We must stick apart’ is a proverb of Discordianism (a religion I [Ivar] might or might not have just made up) that might fit the situation we are all in now. We are all isolated in various degrees; and we all miss live music. So, we have stuck apart and with our fantastic team of super-people in management, label and booking, plus three of our best friends who happen to be the very creme de la creme of European Festivals; we are now able to present this digital festival-tour. We are already hard at work preparing sets and shows that will make this one for the (e-)books.

We are stoked to announce our upcoming “Cinematic Summer Tour 2020” today! After the great experience of our first streaming event on April 1st from Verftet Online Music Festival, we decided to take it one step further to enlighten our concertless summer with a series of high-end online events – a cinematic tour experience!

For this forward-thinking concept, we are joining forces with three festivals that present one of the three different shows each:

In cooperation with Roadburn Festival, the tour starts July 30th, with the “Chronicles Of The Northbound” show. Fans will be invited by the festival to choose their favourite Enslaved songs to create a career spanning set. The second show will be a “Below The Lights” set on August 20th, presented by Beyond the Gates festival. We will end our virtual tour at the Summer Breeze open air on September 30th, with “Utgard – The Journey Within“.

Each individual event will be accompanied by different side happenings, on which we will shed more light separately.

All events will be streamed on our YouTube channel!


To give everyone the chance to be part of this, all three shows will be accessible free of charge. There will be a donation option and special merch for the Cinematic Summer Tour.

Thank you for your support, faith in us and patience – to have fans like you is an absolute privilege.
See you in the Ether!

– Enslaved”

Enslaved Premiere “Homebound” Video

Enslaved have premiered a new video for their new song “Homebound.” This track is from the band’s new album, “Utgard,” which is expected to be released this fall. The song will also be released on limited edition seven-inch vinyl on June 26, along with a cover of TNT’s “Knights Of The Thunder.” Pre-orders for the vinyl are available HERE (North America) and HERE (Europe). Enslaved commented:

“‘Homebound’ is about the greatest reward of exploring and travelling into unknown territory — to “go viking” if you will, turning homebound at the end of the journey. It is a song that takes Enslaved on a musical journey that is as much an homage to those who dared so we could play our very own style of music: from nurturing blackened roots to nodding at zeppelins in the sky, beholding teutonic thrash titans and watching speeding motorpsychos take off into the futures.”

Enslaved Reveal Track Listing For New Album “Utgard”

Enslaved have revealed the track listing for their new album “Utgard.” That effort is expected to be released this fall.

“Utgard” Track Listing:

01. “Fires In The Dark”
02. “Jettegryta”
03. “Sequence”
04. “Homebound”
05. “Utgardr”
06. “Urjotun”
07. “Flight Of Thought And Memory”
08. “Storms Of Utgard”
09. “Distant Seasons”

Enslaved said the following about the new record:

“‘Utgard‘ bears countless meanings to us; an image, metaphor, an esoteric ‘location’, a word on its own etc – on different levels and layers. From Norse mythology we know it as a landscape were the giants roam; where the gods of Asgard have no control; dangerous, chaotic, uncontrollable and where madness, creativeness, humor and chaos dwells.

The album is a journey into and through ‘Utgard‘. It is a place of unification of that which is above and that which lies below. It is not about avoiding fear of the pitch-black darkness (it will keep on growing until the next confrontation), but to go into the darkness itself. This is the rebirth of the individual. In a world that has become so obsessed with the false lights of greed, jealousy and egotism this is a necessary journey.

‘Utgard‘ is not a fairytale, it is a vital part of both your mind and your surroundings, and it has been since the dawn of mankind. Acknowledging that this realm exists and is a vital part of the self, has inspired us deeply since the early days of our lives. Enjoy our journey to the outer limits.”

In other news, the band also recently took part in the “Verftet” online music festival. You can watch that performance below:

Enslaved To Perform At Online Music Festival Next Week

Enslaved will be playing a virtual concert as part of the Verftet Online Music Festival in Bergen, Norway on April 1. The event will be streamed on BT.no and YouTube.

Enslaved commented:

“When the old Bergen ring-fox Mikal Telle asked us to join his and local venue USF’s fantastic initiative that is this festival, we pretty much said ‘yes and thanks for asking!’ before he could finish the sentence.

Of course, we are itching to play now that the world of live music is on halt, but we also saw a chance to get our live music out there to all the fantastic fans out there. The studio recordings is, of course, a pillar in what Enslaved is, but without the other pillar of playing high-energy shows and creating musical magick together with our magnificent audience, things get out of balance. Now we will have a chance to restore that balance for a virtual time with all of you — and time is time no matter what matter it moves through, right? See you in the ether!”

As previously reported, Enslaved’s new album “Utgard” will be released this fall and the first single will be released on May 22.

[via Blabbermouth]

Enslaved Delay New Album “Utgard” To The Fall

Enslaved’s new album “Utgard” had been delayed to the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, fans will still get new music on May 22 when the first single is released.

Enslaved commented:

“First of all, we’d like to sincerely thank you for the warm reception of our latest publications about our upcoming new album ‘Utgard’! We understand that our recent communication also raised some questions and calls for transparent explanations. Let us reassure you that all of us are fine and in good health!

Due to the current situation, we took the decision together with our label Nuclear Blast to postpone the release of ‘Utgard’ to the fall. Therefore, as you can imagine, the whole schedule had to be adjusted quickly! We understand that seeing a video teaser followed by nothing has been confusing. As of today, we can announce that our first single and video will be released on May 22nd, and we can’t wait to share this new music with you all! We are sure you understand that this is for the best.

In the meantime, we’d like to tell you a little more about the ‘Utgard’ cover artwork! This is the 10th consecutive album cover artwork done by Truls Espedal – and like the album itself it is definitely on the wavelength of the long-distance pulse from the Enslaved generator. It is a piece of art that mirrors a massive concept and a band that is also more lyrically and philosophically inspired than ever before.

That Truls is a master of his art is established a long time ago, but he has truly outdone himself on this interpretation of our Utgard. Just looking at how the colors and techniques are used to create the depth and grandiosity of the horizon. The perfect travelling companion into these uncharted territories.

We are looking forward to sharing more news with you very soon. Take care and stay safe everyone!”