Enslaved Premiere “Forest Dweller” Music Video

Enslaved have premiered a new video for their new song “Forest Dweller.” This track is from the band’s new album “Heimdal,” which will be released on March 3.

Grutle Kjellson commented:

“To me ‘Forest Dweller‘ was the most immediate song on the album, at least in its earliest form as an instrumental demo. I spent quite some time to get into some of the other songs of the album, but this one seemed somehow logical, well logical by Enslaved standards that is. I had an idea for a lyric, and Ivar’s amazing and diverse riffs on this one made it easy to pan out the scripture. I made a rough plan on what to sing over it, and we actually ended up using some parts of those recordings on the album!

The song sort of showcases our representative samples of inspiration: Led Zep, Genesis, Destruction, Iron Maiden and David Bowie, to mention a schizophrenic tapestry of influences. It mirrors in the lyrics as well, which deals about both darkness and light in connection to the nature of ‘Heimdal.’”

Enslaved Share “Caravans To The Outer Worlds” Live Video

Enslaved have shared a new live video for their song “Caravans To The Outer Worlds.” That track will appear on the band’s new album “Heimdal,” which is set to be released on March 3. Grutle Kjellson commented:

“’Caravans To The Outer Worlds’ was the first material written for our upcoming album, and that first song usually points in a certain direction. However, this song points in several directions, and that really made the whole process immensely interesting, and ultimately pushed us making our best album ever! This live-version, taken from ‘The Otherworldly Big Band Experience’, our last big project keeping us alive during the pandemic, is the first of hopefully many opportunities to behold a performance of this energetic song. We hope you’ll enjoy it. God Jól!”

Enslaved And Insomnium Announce Co-Headlining North American Tour

Enslaved and Insomnium have announced a co-headlining North American tour. Black Anvil will open.

Tour Dates:

04/05 New York, NY – Irving Plaza
04/06 Boston, MA – Big Night Live
04/07 Montreal, QC – Corona Theatre
04/08 Toronto, ON – The Opera House
04/10 April Detroit, MI – Saint Andrew’s Hall
04/11 April Chicago, IL – House Of Blues
04/12 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater
04/14 Denver, CO – The Gothic Theatre
04/15 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
04/17 Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
04/18 Vancouver, BC – The Rickshaw
04/19 Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre
04/21 Berkeley, CA – The UC Theatre Taube Family Music Hall
04/22 Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda Theatre
04/23 Phoenix, AZ – Nile Theater
04/25 Austin, TX – Come And Take It Live
04/26 Dallas, TX – The Echo Lounge & Music Hall
04/28 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
04/29 Raleigh, NC – Lincoln Theatre
04/30 Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage

Enslaved To Release New Album “Heimdal” In March, Premiere “Congelia” Music Video

Enslaved have confirmed that their new album, “Heimdal,” will be released on March 3. You can find a video for the effort’s latest single, “Congelia,” below:

“Heimdal” Track Listing:

01. “Behind The Mirror”
02. “Congelia”
03. “Forest Dweller”
04. “Kingdom”
05. “The Eternal Sea”
06. “Caravans To The Outer Worlds”
07. “Heimdal”

The band commented:

“It’s quite weird, yet pretty awesome that we are now talking about the release of our 16th album; yes our 16th full-length album release. That’s not too shabby for a couple of scallywags from rural western Norway, is it? If you count our stint in the short lived Phobia-act, we have been playing together for no less than 32 years!

In all these years, Norse mythology has been our umbilical cord to the realms of mysticism and philosophy, and our gateway to the realms of deep psychology and the esoteric worlds beyond. One of the most fascinating characters of our mythology is Heimdal, and he has been lurking around in our minds like an enigma for three decades now. His first appearance was in a song called ‘Heimdallr‘ on our demo tape ‘Yggdrasill‘ back in 1992, and he’s had both minor and more significant roles in our lyrical universe over the years.

This time we have decided to dedicate an entire body of work to this most enigmatic of characters and richest of archetypes – we give you ‘Heimdal‘. We have reached deeper and scouted further ahead than ever before – the past, present and future sound of the band comes together in songs born from sheer inspiration – it is the common force of a close-nit group of friends and musicians.”

Ice Dale On Enslaved’s Upcoming Album: “It’s Our Best Album To Date”

Enslaved guitarist Arve “Ice Dale” Isdal has taken to social media to comment on the band’s new album. According to him, the effort will be their “best album to date.”

Isdal said the following:

“I had a great time recording our upcoming new album! It’s such a powerful album and it just kept growing during the production as we tested out more and more crazy ideas and they all turned out great!

At the end we brought a mobile studio with us to Grutle’s house where we made pizza and recorded some really interesting stuff during the evening and night.

It is a very complex album and has so many musical layers and mix of genres that it might need a few spins to suck it all in.

I’m proud to say it’s our best album to date and also the best sounding one. Can’t wait to share more news soon and for you all to eventually hear it!”

Enslaved To Reissue “Yggdrasill” Demo In December

Enslaved will be releasing a remastered version of their 1992 demo “Yggdrasill” on December 2. The band said the following about that:

“In collaboration with By Norse Music (Ivar Bjørnson’s own imprint), we are releasing our 1992 demo ‘Yggdrasill’ as a fully remastered re-issue on digipack CD, with a 12 page booklet, and a very limited to 300, hand-numbered, A-side/B-side effect 12″ vinyl edition on December 2nd! It features all five songs from the demo plus the Bonus Track ‘Enslaved’ on both formats! The layout of the vinyl and CD feature an informative inlay with liner notes from both Grutle Kjellson and Ivar Bjørnson, providing a historical perspective on the music, archival photos from the period and full lyrics!”

Enslaved Premiere “Kingdom” Music Video

Enslaved have premiered a new video for their new song “Kingdom.” Ivar Bjørnson commented:

“‘Kingdom‘ – a tribute to the endurance of ideas and the people that carry them forward through hardship and fatigue, for the benefit of us all. Musically, it is a tribute to the Riff and the Rite: to the Teutonic Thrash kings, to Space Rock, to the Ambient pioneers of the 70s. With this we ask you to join us on this coming trek. Thanks for listening!”

Enslaved Premiere “Bounded By Allegiance” Live Video

Enslaved have premiered a new live video for their song “Bounded By Allegiance.” The footage is taken from the band’s “Otherworldly Big Band Experience” livestream show with Shaman Elephant. Vocalist Grutle Kjellson commented:

“So here’s a little memory from last year’s musical endeavor. Our ‘Big Band’ collaboration with Shaman Elephant was such a trip! It felt like, and indeed it was, an avalanche of locked up energy just bursting out. The streamed concert plus a small tour in Norway was pretty much the only shows we did in 2021, so the energy level was pretty much turned to 11, on all of us. All nine of us! ‘Bounded By Allegiance‘ was one of the first songs we thought would fit being dressed for a nine man outfit, with its natural percussive nature. We hope we were right, enjoy!”

Enslaved Cancel European/UK Tour With Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom, & Crown

Enslaved have cancelled their upcoming European/UK tour with Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and Crown. The trek was unable to move forward due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Enslaved commented:

“What many of you, and we ourselves, have feared – is now a reality. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation and Covid restrictions across the European continent, we are unfortunately forced to cancel our upcoming Utgard Tour with our friends in Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and Crown.

We have sadly come to the point where we have exhausted all options to make it work. All tickets can be refunded at your point of purchase. We are of course working hard to find an alternative period to come back – so we can finally play some new songs for you all at the festivals we are part of this year! It has been too long! We can already promise you set lists made up of new and old, familiar and perhaps not so familiar songs. Like you have seen throughout this period; Enslaved is ever forging forward! Stay tuned and hopefully see you this summer!”

Enslaved Announce “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience” Virtual Concert

Enslaved have announced a special virtual concert, which they are calling “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience.” The event will stream on December 21 and tickets for it can be purchased HERE.

Ivar Bjørnson commented:

“Soon, the sun will turn – once again marking the transition from one year to another and the onset of brighter days ahead. We are many who wish to see this coming Winter Solstice mark a lasting turning away from dark days behind us. We have kept it up all along; virtual tours, rehearsing, writing, and releasing an album and an EP. You heard us when we said, ‘this will not stop us!’ – the Enslaved Community has grown stronger through the crisis. Now we will close this cycle with a grandiose virtual concert, and hope for you to join us from all over the world.

‘The Otherworldly Big Band Experience‘ is about wanting to show even more of what Enslaved is: Enslaved is also an idea. It is a live band that is teeth-grittingly metal, has rock’n’roll in its DNA, while maintaining and expanding on its position as a groundbreaking progressive metal act. All while exploring the boundaries of Norse Mythology and Rune-lore, Psychology and History.

We have recruited both an extension to the line-up with the young and talented Bergen prog rock band, Shaman Elephant. We have worked together with some of the most talented moviemakers and visual wizards around – also young and from Bergen: Kolibri Media. Add the Enslaved live crew to the mix and you have got magic, no less.

We have aspired to create a concert film that reflects this expanded representation of Enslaved and cannot wait to show you all. It is bigger than any project we have done before, and it is unlike anything else you have seen in this kind of music. You will see and hear songs that have never been performed before. Songs you might have heard will sound and look like you haven’t seen and heard before. There is new material, and material as old as the band. One constant binds it all together: it is Enslaved.”