Enslaved To Perform At Online Music Festival Next Week

Enslaved will be playing a virtual concert as part of the Verftet Online Music Festival in Bergen, Norway on April 1. The event will be streamed on BT.no and YouTube.

Enslaved commented:

“When the old Bergen ring-fox Mikal Telle asked us to join his and local venue USF’s fantastic initiative that is this festival, we pretty much said ‘yes and thanks for asking!’ before he could finish the sentence.

Of course, we are itching to play now that the world of live music is on halt, but we also saw a chance to get our live music out there to all the fantastic fans out there. The studio recordings is, of course, a pillar in what Enslaved is, but without the other pillar of playing high-energy shows and creating musical magick together with our magnificent audience, things get out of balance. Now we will have a chance to restore that balance for a virtual time with all of you — and time is time no matter what matter it moves through, right? See you in the ether!”

As previously reported, Enslaved’s new album “Utgard” will be released this fall and the first single will be released on May 22.

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Enslaved Delay New Album “Utgard” To The Fall

Enslaved’s new album “Utgard” had been delayed to the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, fans will still get new music on May 22 when the first single is released.

Enslaved commented:

“First of all, we’d like to sincerely thank you for the warm reception of our latest publications about our upcoming new album ‘Utgard’! We understand that our recent communication also raised some questions and calls for transparent explanations. Let us reassure you that all of us are fine and in good health!

Due to the current situation, we took the decision together with our label Nuclear Blast to postpone the release of ‘Utgard’ to the fall. Therefore, as you can imagine, the whole schedule had to be adjusted quickly! We understand that seeing a video teaser followed by nothing has been confusing. As of today, we can announce that our first single and video will be released on May 22nd, and we can’t wait to share this new music with you all! We are sure you understand that this is for the best.

In the meantime, we’d like to tell you a little more about the ‘Utgard’ cover artwork! This is the 10th consecutive album cover artwork done by Truls Espedal – and like the album itself it is definitely on the wavelength of the long-distance pulse from the Enslaved generator. It is a piece of art that mirrors a massive concept and a band that is also more lyrically and philosophically inspired than ever before.

That Truls is a master of his art is established a long time ago, but he has truly outdone himself on this interpretation of our Utgard. Just looking at how the colors and techniques are used to create the depth and grandiosity of the horizon. The perfect travelling companion into these uncharted territories.

We are looking forward to sharing more news with you very soon. Take care and stay safe everyone!”

Enslaved To Perform “Below The Lights” In Full At Beyond The Gates Festival

Enslaved will be performing their 2003 album “Below The Lights” in full at the 2020 Beyond The Gates festival. That event will take place in Bergen, Norway on August 19-22.

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Ivar and Enslaved have an exciting announcement for you! We are thrilled to share that the band will be returning once more to Beyond the Gates @beyond_the_gates_festival – this time performing their legendary "Below The Lights" record in its entirety! This comes after the bands legendary 2017 set when they played all of "Vikingligr Veldi" and their 2018 performance of the entirety of "Frost". "Below The Lights" is not only among the most critically acclaimed Enslaved records, it also captured the band at a crucial turning point, shifting from the traditional extreme metal of their inception towards the more progressive elements that they would embrace later in their career. This will be a great tribute to the bands impressive history! Tickets are available online: https://www.ticketmaster.no/artist/beyond-the-gates-tickets/900350?language=en-us&fbclid=IwAR3t_12AXpuhYT9jLKZdxMiIXg0uLW7gsVhRq-sydXmPmEwu9eXSdRdqUhc

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Enslaved Hit The Studio For New Album

Enslaved have officially entered the studio to begin the recording process for their new album. The band are hoping to release the effort in May.

Ivar Bjørnson commented:

“The days are growing darker in the Northern hemisphere – and Bergen is covered in a blanket of frost. This sets the scene as we have entered the studio to record the new Enslaved album. Since our last album, we have a “new” drummer – in quotation marks, since he has been with us behind the scenes for more than a decade.

Together with me (Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson) he constitutes the production team on this new album – and as before we will record in Bergen in Duper Studio and next door at Iver‘s Solslottet Studio. Before crossing the mountains eastwards to Örebro into Fascination Street where Jens Bogren will handle the mix.

The new material I feel is very powerful. The Enslaved signature is there, but there is a wild drive and a level of energy that makes me extremely excited. All five members have poured their dedication and souls into the preparations, and there are new sides to the band shown that will elevate this album.”

Enslaved To Headline 2020 Fire In The Mountains, Guitarist Ivar Bjornson To Curate The Festival

Enslaved have announced that they will be headlining next year’s Fire In The Mountains festival. Guitarist Ivar Bjornson has also been recruited to serve as a curator at the event, which is set to take place at the Heart Six Ranch in Moran, WY on July 11-12.

Bjornson commented:

“Our Northern hearts rejoice as we are part of this announcement for Fire in the Mountains 2020! To come to these beautiful parts of good ol’ Vinland and headline an outdoor festival is nothing short of a dream come through. We will present a very special show and cannot wait to share this weekend with the other artists, audience and the hard working folks behind the festival! To the mountains!”

“It is a massive honor to be asked to be the first guest curator for the Fire in the Mountain festival. I have decided to name my curator showcase “On Wings Over Utgard”; inspired by the thematic from the coming ENSLAVED album. Modern man is a being that has forgotten how chaos, darkness and decay are as important and beautiful parts of existence as all the bliss, youth and light we over-feed ourselves in the (dis-)Information Age. What better scenic metaphor to realize this part of the overall vision than at Fire in the Mountains; surrounded by wild, chaotic nature. Where life is how it was meant to be; uncontrolled, balanced and unified. I cannot wait to start showing you all the artists I am inviting to sonically and lyrically illustrate all this! Thank you Shane and festival team for giving me this opportunity.”

Enslaved Re-Sign With Nuclear Blast, Premiere “What Else Is There?” Video

Enslaved have re-signed with Nuclear Blast Records. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for their cover of Röyskopp‘s “What Else Is There?“.

Ivar Bjornson said the following about re-signing with Nuclear Blast:

“It is with great pleasure we re-sign our record deal with Nuclear Blast worldwide! We have been working together for more or less a decade, and it has been an individed positive experience. They have both the heart to grasp our musical visions, and the business-muscles to spread them out into the world. When you add personal friendships with the wonderful people in America, U.K. and Germany it is simply an ideal situation for us to be in. Onwards, forwards and in all directions!”