Sepultura’s Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. Joins Cultura Tres

Sepultura bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. has officially joined Cultura Tres. The band’s new album, “Camino De Brujos,” will be released on April 7 and a video for its first single, “The World And Its Lies,” can be found below:

“Camino De Brujos” Track Listing:

01. “The World And Its Lies”
02. “Time Is Up”
03. “Signs”
04. “The Land”
05. “Proxy War”
06. “19 Horas”
07. “Zombies”
08. “De Maracay”
09. “The Smell Of Death”
10. “Camino De Brujos”

Alejandro Montoya commented:

“Something we’ve learnt while listening to Andy Wallace’s albums (he is God in our little world) is that if you can’t imagine the band performing while you listen to a recording then you are just listening to a computer. And we are not interested in letting fans hear a computer… We’d rather invite them to hear four people playing their hearts out on a record. This record.”

Pinto continued:

“In 2019 after hearing about the plans for a new Cultura Tres, I offered Ale and Juanma to join the band.

The music is very organic. There are a lot of influence from the ’90s and a little bit of hardcore as well. Personally [for this album], I got inspired by the bass players who I’ loved the most back in the ’70s.”

Montoya also added:

“The album title ‘Camino De Brujos’ can be roughly translated as ‘Trail Of Witches’. Do you remember the little story about letting your subconscious make artistic choices? Well, this is one of the best examples. ‘Camino De Brujos’ is the main line sang on top of a nasty slow riff. The song is filled with tribal ritual percussion, typical from South America’s black magic practices. The phrase didn’t only end up being the only lyrics sang on the song but it also gave the name and identity to the album.”