URNE To Release New Album “A Feast On Sorrow” In August, Premiere “Becoming The Ocean” Video

URNE have announced that their new album, “A Feast On Sorrow,” will be released on August 11. Notably, Gojira’s Joe Duplantier produced and mixed the effort with assistance from Johann Meyer.

“A Feast On Sorrow” Track Listing:

01. “The Flood Came Rushing In”
02. “To Die Twice”
03. “A Stumble Of Words”
04. “The Burden”
05. “Becoming The Ocean”
06. “A Feast On Sorrow”
07. “Peace”
08. “The Long Goodbye/Where Do We Go When We Die?”

URNE’s Joe Nally commented:

“We had many ups and downs throughout this process, but the end result is something the three of us are extremely proud of. Having the honour to travel to New York to work alongside Joe Duplantier and Johann Meyer on this record is something we didn’t think would be possible and, on top of that, to have Ted Jensen master this record, has been an experience we once dreamed of.

This whole album is extremely personal for me. It’s made me grow as a person and has also helped me understand the grieving process better than before. This isn’t a joyful or uplifting record, it’s very raw and real, and when the opportunity to work with Joe came to be, we all knew he was the perfect person to capture the message of this record.”

“There were a lot of dark times. Losing people is a horrible thing; when the reality hits, it shocks. I was full of pent-up emotion – anger, confusion – and I could only seem to release that through aggression. This is much darker. There were quite a few ‘fun’ elements to our first LP ‘Serpent & Spirit‘. There aren’t many of those here.”

“The personal story I’m telling in this album is still ongoing, but it feels like I’ve been able to say what I needed to say. It was an incredibly cathartic experience to be able to write this album, to scream it, to hear it back. I’ve got my emotions out. I’ve got my meaning out. I’ve got my message out. What I needed to do is done.”

A video for the effort’s first single, “Becoming The Ocean,” can be found below. Nally added the following about that:

“‘Becoming The Ocean‘ has ties to a move within my life that was supposed to bring my family joy and a new life. Sadly, it hasn’t been as smooth as we all hoped. I walk by the ocean every day and something with such beauty and grace, also holds such power and an ability to crush and destroy.

The video was shot in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This beach is known for a rock formation called Church Rock which works perfectly with the lyrical content of this song.”

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