Oxbow Premiere “1000 Hours” Music Video

Oxbow have premiered a new video for their new song “1000 Hours.” This track is from the band’s new album “Love’s Holiday,” which will be released on July 21.

Vocalist Eugene Robinson commented:

“‘1000 Hours‘ for the OXBOW completist, 100 percent ties into our other song ‘1000,’ thematically in my mind. But filming the video, given that I just had surgery a few days before, felt very much like Mann’s ‘Death in Venice’ to me. You know where waiting to die never felt more beautiful, which really feels like the essence of love. Or at least one of them.”

Guitarist Niko Wenner added:

“‘1000 Hours‘ began life with the bright, extroverted feel you hear most, but inevitably the darker introspective mood of the coda and intro emerged. Both qualities are essential to Love’s Holiday. Roger [backing vocals], John [director] and Joe Chiccarelli [co-producer of Love’s Holiday with Wenner] all did extraordinary work to heighten these emotions.

The music was chiefly inspired by and written for my family. We’ve had two children born and my father die while writing and working on this record. The songs are just a collection of music that I sang to my babies and then wrote guitar parts for, and brought to the band as, Oxbow songs.”

“Love’s Holiday” Track Listing:

01. “Dead Ahead”
02. “Icy White & Crystalline”
03. “Lovely Murk” (feat. Kristin Hayter)
04. “1000 Hours”
05. “All Gone”
06. “The Night The Room Started Burning”
07. ““ “”
08. “Million Dollar Weekend”
09. “The Second Talk”
10. “Gunwale”

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