Aerosmith’s Joe Perry To Release New Album “Sweetzerland Manifesto MKII” In May

Joe Perry (Aerosmith, Hollywood Vampires) has revealed the details for his new album “Sweetzerland Manifesto MKII.” The effort will be released on May 26 and the cover art and track listing for it can be found below:

“Sweetzerland Manifesto MKII” Track Listing:

01. “Fortunate One” (feat. Chris Robinson and Robert DeLeo
02. “Quake” (feat. Gary Cherone)
03. “I’ll Do Happiness” (feat. Terry Reid)
04. “Aye Aye Aye” (feat. Robin Zander)
05. “Man With A Golden Arm”
06. “Time Will Tell”
07. “I Wanna Roll” (feat. David Johanson)
08. “Suck It Up” (feat. Robin Zander and Robert DeLeo)
09. “Goes His Own Way” (feat. Terry Reid)
10. “Won’t Let Me Go” (feat. Terry Reid)

Perry commented:

“We had so many songs and with everything going on with the Vampires, Aerosmith, COVID, not touring, and touring, this music kept riding along for me. It was like the engine of a train that wasn’t going to stop. I’d wanted to put these songs out, and the idea of adding them to a vinyl release or deluxe version turned into doing ‘MKII’. I tend to think in terms of albums. The first one had a vibe, and ‘MKII’ is a little more rocked out. I almost prefer it. It’s one of those records I can play from front to back live.”

The effort’s first single, “Fortunate One” (feat. Chris Robinson and Robert DeLeo), can be found below. Perry added the following about that track:

“I’m really excited to get this song out. It hadn’t been written when the first version of ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’ was released. Tony and I wrote it together, and then my old friend Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes sang on it. He knocked it outta the park! We started it in L.À., recorded it in London, and Chris sang on it….. and BANG…..!! Doesn’t get better than that…!!! Really proud of this track.”

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