Janet Gardner (Ex-Vixen) And Her Husband Justin James Announce New Album “No Strings”

Janet Gardner (ex-Vixen) and her husband Justin James have announced a new album titled “No Strings.” The effort will be released on June 9 and its first single, “Don’t Turn Me Away,” can be streamed below:

“No Strings” Track Listing:

01. “I’m Living Free”
02. “Turn The Page’
03. “85”
04. “No Strings”
05. “Don’t Turn Me Away”
06. “Set Me Free”
07. “Hold On To You’
08. “Into The Night”
09. “I’m Not Sorry”
10. “You’ll See”
11. “She Floats Away”
12. “Drink”

Gardner commented:

“Justin’s and my work flow has become so effortless that the creative process never gets bogged down in the technical aspects until it comes time to mix and master. Justin’s determination to bring this album to the next level, sonically, has had the biggest impact on this release.”

James added:

“I’m so proud of what Janet and I have created with ‘No Strings’. From the first chord recorded to the last note sung, ‘No Strings’ is a piece of who we are.”

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