Tigercub Premiere New Song “Play My Favourite Song”

Tigercub have premiered a new song titled “Play My Favourite Song.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Perfume Of Decay,” which will be released on June 2. Frontman Jamie Hall commented:

“I realised that without music I am alone, without sounds to occupy my brain intrusive thoughts begin to swirl and unease and sadness rises within me, so play my favourite song because silence makes me feel low.”

“The Perfume Of Decay” Track Listing:

01. “Dirge”
02. “The Perfume Of Decay”
03. “Show Me My Maker”
04. “Play My Favourite Song”
05. “Swoon”
06. “The Dark Below”
07. “You’re My Dopamine”
08. “We’re A Long Time Gone”
09. “It Hurts When You’re Around”
10. “Until I Forget”
11. “Shadowgraph”
12. “Help Me I’m Dreaming”

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