Bodysnatcher Pay Tribute To Late King Conquer Bassist Adam Whited With New Song “Dead Rabbit”

Bodysnatcher have premiered a new video for their new song “Dead Rabbit.” The track serves as a tribute to late King Conquer bassist Adam Whited.

Adam’s brother, Bodysnatcher drummer Chris Whited, said the following about the song:

“This song was written as a message to my brother Adam who died last April. Adam got me into hardcore and playing music when we were younger. He started and played in our old band King Conquer and was a massive part in the South Florida metal and hardcore scene.

Adam was diagnosed with a severe case of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when he was only sixteen years old. He fought through it for years continuing to tour through the pain, loss of sight, numbness of limbs, and brain lesions until he physically couldn’t do it anymore.

Bodysnatcher had planned to have Adam write the lyrics for our next album. That album was going to be his point of view and struggles through life with MS that most people could never imagine. I wanted him to be able to still have an input in one more album I was part of… but on April 5th, 2022 he passed away.

While writing these lyrics, I knew I wanted to also include something he had written in the past. The words that read, ‘You don’t know real pain until you feel mine; Losing faith on a bathroom floor,’ are taken from the King Conquer song ‘Turmoil Before Enlightenment’ that he wrote all the lyrics for twelve years ago.

Chills ran down my spine remembering those words because when he passed away, he was found exactly like that. ‘Dead Rabbit’ was his nickname most people knew him by so we named this song after him.”

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