Project 86 Premiere New Song “Virtual Signal”

Project 86 have premiered a new song titled “Virtual Signal.” This track is from part one of their new double album “Omni,“ which will be released on March 24.

The band commented:

“Hopefully you are digging the new single, VIRTUAL SIGNAL. Personally, it’s one of our very favorite jams on the forthcoming record.

Now for the news on the video: WE HAD TO MAKE THE TOUGH DECISION TO PUSH BACK THE RELEASE OF THE VIDEO UNTIL MARCH 10. This was not an easy decision, as we take a great deal of “pride” in being men of our word, and always coming through with what we say we are going to do.

Why are we pushing back? Point blank, because we hit some significant technical issues this last week with editing, so much so that it meant we would either a) release a video that is less than what it could be, or b) take the time needed to make it up the level of the previous two videos. We think all of you will agree, ultimately, that this was the right decision.

WE DO APOLOGIZE FOR THIS. Hang in there with us as we get this thing where it needs to be…in the mean time stream “VIRTUAL SIGNAL” on repeat…”

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