Code Orange Release “What Is Really Underneath?” Album And Film

Code Orange have released a new remix album titled “What Is Really Underneath?.” The effort serves as a companion piece to the band’s 2020 album “Underneath” and it is accompanied by a new short film of the same name.

The following was said about the album in a press release:

“Part remix, part soundtrack What Is Really Underneath?, contains elements of the 2020 album while digging deeper down into the Underneath universe with original unreleased companion pieces. The album, which was produced by Jami Morgan and Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose, is out now via Blue Grape Music and closes a chapter of the band that saw a Grammy Nomination, groundbreaking live-stream performances in the midst of the pandemic, tours with Slipknot, $UICIDEBOY$ and KORN, their Coachella debut, and more.”

The press release also added that Eric “Shade” Balderose created the accompanying film through Cinema 4D and Octant Render. Jami Morgan came up with the concept and a synopsis for it can be found below:

“The film follows a Dantanian storyline as the ‘Mudman’ (first introduced in the video for ‘The Mud’ off their 2017 breakout album Forever) journeys Underneath to meet his maker in hopes that he will be cleansed of sin.”

Morgan and Balderose also designed an alternate reality game as well. The following was said about that:

“The game is fully immersive and has a 360-degree design which can be navigated by clicking and dragging different points within the room via mobile or desktop. The site sends fans down the rabbit hole like only Code Orange can do, offering up a labyrinth of clickables, ciphers, games, and Easter eggs.”

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