Drain Premiere “Evil Finds Light” Music Video

Drain have premiered a new video for their new song “Evil Finds Light.” This track is from the band’s new album “Living Proof,” which will be released on May 5.

Sammy Ciaramitaro said the following about the song:

“While Drain channels a rule-free chaos/party vibe through our live show, I am actually somewhat of a stress case haha. I get pretty wound up sometimes and so lyrically, I just tried to tap into those feelings and paint a picture of the way I feel and the way that stress can sometimes make me see my world a little bit different than it actually is. While the song is completed, managing the stress is still a work in progress.”

He also added the following about the album:

“I hope with this record that when someone hears it, it gives them hope. This is the soundtrack of perseverance and people overcoming the naysayers in their world and inside themselves. I can’t wait to play these songs and hear a room full of people singing back to us. We’re what the title says, the Living Proof.”

“Living Proof” Track Listing:

01. “Run Your Luck”
02. “FTS (KYS)”
03. “Devils Itch”
04. “Evil Finds Light”
05. “Imposter”
06. “Intermission”
07. “Weight Of The World”
08. “Watch You Burn”
09. “Good Good Things”
10. “Living Proof”

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