Enforced To Release New Album “War Remains” In April, Premiere New Song “Ultra-Violence”

Enforced have announced that their new album, “War Remains,” will be released on April 28. The effort’s first single, “Ultra-Violence,” can be streamed below:

“War Remains” Track Listing:

01. “Aggressive Menace”
02. “The Quickening”
03. “Hanged By My Hand”
04. “Avarice”
05. “War Remains”
06. “Mercy Killing Fields”
07. “Nation Of Fear”
08. “Ultra-Violence”
09. “Starve”
10. “Empire”

Vocalist Knox Colby commented:

“‘War Remains‘ is a scathing perception of the modern crumbling world. Humanity seems imprisoned by its violent and chaotic nature; boiling over and doubling down on its own ignorance. The album contemplates and reflects upon the blight with cyclical themes rotating through the songs. It’s a hammer hitting a raw nerve.

We didn’t overthink anything. It’s all very straight forward, no bells and whistles production-wise. It’s almost ten minutes shorter than our last record and packs ten times more of a punch.”

Guitarist Will Wagstaff added:

“This record is furious. If you aren’t in the mood to circle pit, head bang, disrupt the neighbors, etc. don’t put this thing on. From the second the needle touches the record, you are in for about 32 minutes of a non-stop, no frills, indiscriminate ass kicking. Toss out the samples, ambiance, and nonsense. All we need are JCM800s and some V30s to deliver inexorable riffage.”

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