See You Next Tuesday Premiere “Hey Look, No Crying” Music Video

See You Next Tuesday have premiered a new video for their new song “Hey Look, No Crying.” This track is from the band’s new album “Distractions,” which will be released on February 17.

Vocalist Chris Fox commented:

“It is more or less about looking back at your life and basically being in mourning for the moments of your life that you’ll never get to relive as you are ultimately aging, slowly moving towards your own death alone and becoming less and less relevant to the world.

I struggle heavily with the idea of death and growing old and fixate on it a lot which I express a few times on this album. At times I am devastated by remembering and realizing the moments I should have cherished more at the time that they were happening. And then I get back to reality where I’m there by myself and separated by years from that moment.”

“Distractions” Track Listing:

01. “How Insensitive”
02. “What A Funny Girl You Used To Be”
03. “Hey Look, No Crying”
04. “Why Can’t You Behave”
05. “Glad To Be Unhappy”
06. “I’ll Never Be The Same”
07. “I’ll Never Smile Again”
08. “Day In The Life Of A Fool”
09. “Call Me Irresponsible”
10. “This Happy Madness”
11. “I Had The Craziest Dream”
12. “That’s What God Looks Like To Me”
13. “Strange Music”

[via MetalSucks]


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