He Is Legend To Release New Album “Endless Hallway” In November, Share Two New Songs

He Is Legend have announced that their new album, “Endless Hallway,” will be released on November 11. Two songs from the effort, “Lifeless Lemonade” and “The Prowler,“ can be found below:

“Endless Hallway” Track Listing:

01. “The Prowler”
02. “Lifeless Lemonade”
03. “Honey From The Hive”
04. “Return To The Garden”
05. “Circus Circus”
06. “Seamistress”
07. “Sour”
08. “Endless Hallway”
09. “Time’s Fake”
10. “Sink Hole”
11. “Animals”
12. “Lord Slug”

The group commented:

“This album is a testament to our band’s endurance. It is easily our most aggressive album to date, born and bred from the odd shift in the world that affected everyone. We have always used our music as an outlet, and no better time than when the world felt so much like an ENDLESS HALLWAY.”

Vocalist Schuylar Croom added:

“We had to push the vocal recording, because my stomach was failing due to my diabetes. It was so bad I couldn’t perform. It took a while to get back to some semblance of normal. Eventually, I hopped in the car and drove 10 hours to Nashville to record at Mitch Marlow’s place. I’m a different person now. The universe throws those things at you to make you stronger. That’s  personal growth.”

Croom also commented further via social media

“I’m grateful. Honestly. I love you all. I love my band. I’m so excited for these tunes to start gushing out. Thanks for everything guys. You’ve always been so loyal. I can’t wait to wake up to see what you all think about these jams. This album our most aggressive work bar none. I’m ready to rip some gigs with my besties. As the kids say these days… “Let’s go… no cap””

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