Chelsea Grin Announce New Double Album “Suffer In Hell” / ”Suffer In Heaven”

Chelsea Grin have announced a new double album, which they are planning to release in two parts. The first half, “Suffer In Hell,“ will be available on November 11, while the second half, “Suffer In Heaven,” will be available on March 17. An official video for the effort’s first single, “Origin Of Sin,“ can be found below:

“Suffer In Hell” Track Listing:

01. “Origin Of Sin”
02. “Forever Bloom” (feat. Trevor Strnad)
03. “Deathbed Companion”
04. “Crystal Casket”
05. “Flood Lungs”
06. “The Isnis”
07. “Mourning Hymn”
08. “Suffer In Hell, Suffer In Heaven”

“Suffer In Heaven” Track Listing:

09. “Leave With Us”
10. “Orc March” (feat. Dustin Mitchell)
11. “Fathomless Maw”
12. “Soul Slave”
13. “The Mind Of God”
14. “Yhorm The Giant”
15. “Sing To The Grave”
16. “The Path Of Suffering”

Frontman Tom Barber commented:

“It is written that human life has crawled forth from the darkest points of our existence, it is said life even when set a blaze returns a new like a phoenix from ash. Many men have proclaimed to see, understand, and sometimes claim to have a gift from the gods. This is our creation for you, each song a representation of the trials and tribulations of life, each word chosen to represent an emotion, there is no greater story than the unknown and we believe this record will paint a picture only your mind can see.

We talk about self-doubt, overcoming inner demons, triumph of good over evil, and living neutrally amongst the darkness. Also, I can’t really think about a reason for a double record other than it’s fucking bad ass.”

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