Charlotte Wessels (Ex-Delain) Premieres “Against All Odds” Video

Charlotte Wessels (ex-Delain) has premiered a new video for her new song “Against All Odds.” This track is from her new album “Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II,” which will be released on October 7.

Wessels said the following about the song:

“’Against All Odds’ might seem like an odd choice for a first glimpse of this record – isn’t it the rule to start off with something upbeat and heavy? That rule is broken here – but it embodies the introspection and anticipation of starting over again. While the lyrics can be interpreted for many different scenarios – it was especially meaningful to record a video for the song on the empty stage of TivoliVredenburg, the setting of both the last gig I performed pre-Covid, and the first ever show with my new material coming up October 23. I am dying to get back out there.”

She also added the following about the album:

“Since May 2020, I’ve been writing and recording a new song every month down in my basement ‘Six Feet Under Studio,’ fueled by – and released to – my tight-knit Patreon community. This album wouldn’t be there without them. I’m excited to team up with Napalm Records again to release a new collection of these tracks with a wider audience.

With ‘Tales From Six Feet Under,’ I released my favorite tracks of the first year of this endeavor onto the world in 2021, and ‘Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II’ is its counterpart, with my favorite tracks from the second year. There are definitely differences between the two, with the second leaning more towards the heavier side, but they do belong together.

Together they represent a time of introspection and solitary songwriting in the basement. A time that has taught me a lot and has been very meaningful to me, but also a time that, as I started this project in the middle of Covid quarantine, has already – thankfully – started changing. Not because I won’t be writing and recording ‘Six Feet Under’ anymore, but because as the world is opening up again, I too will come out of the basement and out of my shell again with live concerts, and collaborations are on the horizon.”

“Tales From Six Feet Under Vol. II” Track Listing:

01. “Venus Rising”
02. “Human To Ruin”
03. “The Phantom Touch”
04. “Against All Odds”
05. “A Million Lives”
06. “The Final Roadtrip”
07. “Good Dog”
08. “Toxic”
09. “I Forget”
10. “Utopia”

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