Brand Of Sacrifice Premiere Short Film For New Song “Enemy” Featuring Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

Brand Of Sacrifice have teamed up with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain for a new song titled “Enemy.” The track is accompanied by a new short film, which you can watch below. A limited edition 7″ featuring the single and a special manga comic will also be released on December 17. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Micheal Leo Valeri commented:

“We wrote ‘Enemy‘ as a standalone release, expanding on some of the more melodic and metalcore moments on songs like ‘Animal,’ ‘Foe Of The Inhuman‘ and ‘Vengeance.’ The possibility of getting Spencer Chamberlain on guest vocals was electrifying.

We were already excited about the song, but his ability to elicit emotion by leading into his screams with tormented talking brought it to the next level. He perfectly complemented our goal on the song. We’re also releasing two remixes of ‘Lifeblood‘ songs, like full-on electronic bangers that retain the musical motifs but present them as entirely different styles and moods. We’re beyond proud that our music can transcend boundaries like that.”

Kyle Anderson also added the following about the comic:

“It’s no secret that we have drawn many of our lyrical themes—and even our name—from Berserk, the dark manga masterpiece by Kentaro Miura (RIP). As we move further away from Berserk as a direct reference point, we wanted to expand on the lore on our album art in the best possible format: manga. We’re very proud to expand the Brand Of Sacrifice universe and hope our fans like it too, which would allow us to continue telling our own story.”

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