Phinehas Premiere New Song “In The Night”

Phinehas have premiered a new song titled “In The Night.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Fire Itself,” which will be released on August 27. Vocalist Sean McCulloch commented:

“‘In the Night’ is about pushing forward in the face of the unknown and the fear that holds us captive or stagnant. We can’t delay or deny who we truly are to ourselves without giving up pieces of our soul or body over time. We have a purpose — if we would step forward and take it. After all, what is scarier? Dealing with something difficult right now? Or letting that difficult thing fester into a monster in your mind over years of procrastination?”

“The Fire Itself” Track Listing:

01. “Eternally Apart”
02. “The Fire Itself”
03. “Thorns”
04. “War You Know”
05. “Defining Moments”
06. “Holy Coward”
07. “Dream Thief”
08. “The Storm In Me”
09. “Severed By Self Betrayal”
10. “In The Night”

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