Between The Buried And Me Premiere New Song “Fix The Error”, Reveal Details For New Album “Colors II”

Between The Buried And Me have premiered a new song titled “Fix The Error.” The track, which features guest drummers Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater), Navene Koperweis (Entheos, ex-Animals As Leaders), and Ken Schalk (ex-Candiria), will appear on the band’s new album “Colors II.“ That effort will be released on August 20 and it will serve as a sequel to their 2007 album “Colors.“

Tommy Rogers said the following about the new song:

“The intention was to write a metal song with a big gospel vibe. It turned into this monster. It’s a small story on the record about this guy who lives in a big apocalyptic city. He retires from his job, but he wants to take down this huge corporation. The song is a celebration of taking down corruption and saying, ‘Fuck you’, to the man. It’s about as punk as we’ll ever get.”

He also commented on the album:

“Especially with 2020, we really wanted to give it all we could and show the world we’re still here. That’s part of the reason we named it ‘Colors II‘. We were in a similar spot when we did the first ‘Colors‘. Back then, we had just gotten done with ‘Ozzfest‘. We were wondering, ‘Where do we belong in this music scene?’ We still struggle with that. At both of these moments in our career, we decided to just be ourselves and write the best album we can. We came out guns blazing, and I feel like it’s some of our most creative material in a long time.”

“Musically, it flows like a sequel to ‘Colors‘, but it wasn’t just another version of that album. On the original, I was analyzing myself and analyzing humanity. With last year, I was in a perfect position to do that. I wrote lyrics in the same way, but they felt new. It was more of a real-world concept by virtue of making a continuation.”

Paul Waggoner added:

“‘Colors‘ was very much our attempt at a do-or-die statement. We had to establish our identity and be who we really wanted to be in order to have a career. This time around, our industry was shut down for a year. Once tours were canceled due to the Pandemic, we were like, ‘We’ve got to write a record, and it’s got to be good’. We had to do something next level.”

“There are a lot of fun nuggets. You’ll hear certain instrumental parts and lyrics that remind you of ‘Colors‘. Everything comes full circle.”

“Colors II” Track Listing:

01. “Monochrome”
02. “The Double Helix Of Extinction”
03. “Revolution In Limbo”
04. “Fix The Error”
05. “Never Seen / Future Shock”
06. “Stare Into The Abyss”
07. “Prehistory”
08. “Bad Habits”
09. “The Future Is Behind Us”
10. “Turbulent”
11. “Sfumato”
12. “Human Is Hell (Another One With Love)”

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