Nancy Wilson (Heart) To Release New Solo Album “You And Me” In May

Nancy Wilson (Heart) has announced that her new solo album “You And Me” will be released on May 7. She said the following about the effort:

“Being off the road last year from touring with Heart, and at home with my good guitars and amps out, I felt like I was once again able to reconnect with my pre-Heart self, my college-girl self, creating poetic, intimate and romantic songs, which pretty much is what I first brought in to Heart.”

“You And Me” Track Listing:

01. “You And Me”
02. “The Rising” (Bruce Springsteen cover)
03. “I’ll Find You”
04. “Daughter” (Pearl Jam cover)
05. “Party At The Angel Ballroom” (feat. Duff McKagan & Taylor Hawkins)
06. “The Boxer” (Simon & Garfunkel cover) (feat. Sammy Hagar)
07. “Walk Away”
08. “The Inbetween”
09. “Dreams” (The Cranberries cover) (feat. Liv Warfield)
10. “The Dragon”
11. “We Meet Again”
12. “4 Edward” (Eddie Van Halen tribute)

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