Covet Premiere “Nero” Music Video

Covet have premiered a new video for their new song “Nero.” This track is from the band’s new album “Technicolor,” which will be released on June 5.

“Technicolor” Track Listing:

01. “Good Morning”
02. “Atreyu”
03. “Parachute
04. “Predawn” (feat. Phillip Jamieson)
05. “Nero”
06. “Pirouette”
07. “Aries”
08. “Parrot”
09. “Odessa”
10. “Farewell”

Yvette Young said the following about the new record:

“There are so many textures and types of songs that it’s a new direction for us. Some of them have a nostalgic feel. Others can be quite heavy. ‘Technicolor‘ traditionally is a technique used to colorize old film. In the same spirit, we’re taking these sounds and developing them. The word encapsulates what we set out to do.”

David Adamiak added:

“The album features more colors in terms of not just the effects, but the songwriting and the rhythms. When you compile everything together, it’s our most diverse body of work yet. We’ve never had vocals with lyrics before. There were some vowels hummed on Currents, but it was gratifying to add Yvette’s voice like this.”

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