He Is Legend Stream New Song “Boogiewoman”, Reveal Details For New Album “White Bat”

He Is Legend are streaming a new song titled “Boogiewoman.” This track is from the band’s new album “White Bat,” which will be released on June 28.

Schuylar Croom had the following to say about the album:

“‘White Bat’ is the purest, most passionate, and the most united He Is Legend has been since we wrote ‘It Hates You’. I think this album has something for every fan of each chapter in our history.”

The effort is inspired by Michelle McNamara’s true crime book “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” and Croom decided to go out to the shadiest and most shadowy corners of Los Angeles to get into the right mindset for the concept. The places he visited included: the grave of Walt Disney, canvased mausoleums, the Museum of Death, and “crazy seedy little bars.”

Croom went on to say “White Bat” “has a moodiness and heaviness we haven’t ventured into in a while.” He also added:

“It’s conceptual. More than the content and concept, the music is representative of what we are now.”

“White Bat” Track Listing:

01. “White Bat”
02. “Burn All Your Rock Records”
03. “When The Woods Were Young”
04. “Eye Teeth”
05. “Talking Stalker”
06. “Bent”
07. “Resister, Resist Her”
08. “Uncanny Valley”
09. “The Interloper”
10. “Skin So Soft”
11. “Boogiewoman”

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