Hannes Grossmann To Release New Album “Apophenia”In March

Hannes Grossmann (Alkaloid, Hate Eternal, Triptykon, etc.) will be releasing his new album “Apophenia” on March 11. The effort features his Alkaloid bandmates Linus Klausenitzer (bass), Danny Tunker (lead and rhythm guitars), Morean (vocals), and Christian Muenzner (guest guitar solo), as well as special guests Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), V. Santura (Dark Fortress, etc.), and Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth). The first single “The Flying Pizza Conundrum” can be found below:

“Apophenia” Track Listing:

01. “Deep”
02. “Reeks Insidious”
03. “The War On Intelligence”
04. “Vacant Dreams”
05. “They”
06. “Dianetics Declined”
07. “Apophenia”
08. “The Flying Pizza Conundrum”


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