Tribute Band Frontman Keeps Playing As His Hair Catches Fire During A KISS Cover

Bobby Jensen, vocalist/guitarist for the arena rock cover band Hairball, kept playing while his hair caught on fire during a cover of KISS’ “Detroit Rock City.” The incident occurred during the group’s February 8 show in Sioux City, IA.

Jensen told Ultimate Classic Rock the following about the situation:

“I live an Evil Knievel kind of life, so if I’m on fire a little bit, I don’t care, that’s just part of the fun,” Jensen explained during a quick phone call with Ultimate Classic Rock. “I knew I was on fire right away, and that wasn’t a wig, that’s my hair. It was really nice and foofy before the show, now I have a much better Alice Cooper cut.”

“…We always prepare for it. That’s why you didn’t see me freak out. I have 100% faith in my guys that they’ll get to me and put me out. So I just thought, ‘I’ll sing to everybody while I’m on fire.'”

“My friends in KISS got a hold of me already, and asked me if I was alright. They saw the video, they said ‘hey are you OK? F— man, you just stood there and kept on singing.” Like I said, our guys are pros, we’re around the pyro all the time. It’s not anything that I’m really fazed by. It got a little warm on my head, and some of it’s burned off, but it still doesn’t look bad. We’re OK and the fire marshall was cool, and we’re all licensed and insured and everything’s done properly.”


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