Morbid Angel Stream New Song “Piles Of Little Arms”

Morbid Angel are streaming a new song titled “Piles Of Little Arms,” via Spotify. You can also find an unofficial stream below. This song is from their new album “Kingdoms Disdained,” which will be released on December 1. This effort will be the band’s first since Steve Tucker’s return and their first to feature Dan Vadim Von and Scott Fuller.

“Kingdoms Disdained” Track Listing:

01. “Piles of Little Arms”
02. “D.E.A.D”
03. “Garden of Disdain”
04. “The Righteous Voice”
05. “Architect and Iconoclast”
06. “Paradigms Warped”
07. “The Pillars Crumbling”
08. “For No Master”
09. “Declaring New Law (Secret Hell)”
10. “From the Hand of Kings”
11. “The Fall of Idols”


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