Butcher Babies Reveal Details For New Album “Lilith”, Title Track Available To Stream

Butcher Babies have revealed the details for their new album “Lilith.” The effort will be released on October 27, and a stream of the title track can be found below. Preorders can be found HERE.

Heidi Shepherd commented:

“After a year of writing and recording we are thrilled with the growth and maturity of this album. Leading with our title track ‘Lilith‘, the artistic development within the band shines. We worked with producer, Steve Evetts to bring you the rawest form of Butcher Babies.

No auto-tune, 100% real drums, real guitars, real bass, and an all out Butcher Babies assault on your senses. As we know in this industry, these standards are quickly replaced by machines and can eliminate what makes a band an actual band. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that each member of our team put in to create this masterpiece.”

“Lilith” Track Listing:

01. “Burn The Straw Man”
02. “Lilith”
03. “Headspin”
04. “Korova”
05. “#Iwokeuplikethis”
06. “The Huntsman”
07. “Controller”
08. “Oceana”
09. “Look What We’ve Done”
10. “Pomona (Shit Happens)”
11. “Underground And Overrated”


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