Corey Taylor On Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington: “Calling Them ‘Cowards’ Is A Very Immature Way Of Looking At It”

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) was recently interviewed by Loudwire, and opened up about the tragic suicides of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, etc.) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park). During the chat, he made a point to call out people who are referring to the two as “cowards,”saying it is an “immature way of looking at it.”

Taylor said the following:

“Calling them ‘cowards’ is a very immature way of looking at it. Obviously they’re hurt, which is why they’re lashing out and saying that. It’s the easy way to look at something like that because it makes you not have to face what a serious issue it is.

It’s easy for someone to label it like that so they can turn their back on it and pretend that it was something that didn’t happen to them, when inside they’re hurting. People who fight depression are almost in a constant state of hurting. it comes and goes, the tide rises, the tide ebbs. It’s hard to get past that break. I think people need to realize that not only is that immature, but it’s cop out. And it’s needlessly, needlessly simplifying a very real issue…”

He also added the following, after discussing his own depression:

“It is a goddamn tragedy. That does not make them cowards. I’ve even heard people recently say something to the fact of, ’It was bound to happen. This was always going to happen.’

And I’ve gotten so angry hearing that that I’ve gone on record saying, ‘You are absolutely wrong for saying that.’ No one… Suicide should not be a foregone conclusion. That means you’re not listening. You say you care about that person, that means you’re not listening.”

Taylor also offered some resources for those who are struggling:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


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