Myrkur Premieres New Song “Måneblôt”, Reveals Details For New Album “Mareridt”

Myrkur has premiered a new song titled “Måneblôt.” This song, which is “a tale [that] portrays a nightmare engaging a woman, girl, animal, violence, sun and fire worship and the pagan ritual, Blót,” is from her new album “Mareridt,” which will be released on September 15.

The cover art and track listing for “Mareridt” can be found below. That effort’s title is Danish for “nightmare” and it got its name from nightmares Myrkur suffered. She said the following:

“You know how they say that when you have been through trauma or abuse, you tend to recreate the situation in an attempt to take ownership of it? I think I was doing that. I was trying to solve things [in my nightmares] that I could not solve in real life. Things I could not run away from.”

“Mareridt” Track Listing:

01. “Mareridt”
02. “Måneblôt”
03. “The Serpent”
04. “Crown”
05. “Elleskudt”
06. “De Tre Piker”
07. “Funeral” (feat. Chelsea Wolfe)
08. “Ulvinde”
09. “Gladiatrix”
10. “Kætteren”
11. “Børnehjem”

Digital/deluxe LP Bonus Tracks:

12. “Death Of Days”
13. “Kvindelil” (feat. Chelsea Wolfe)
14. “Løven”
15. “Himlen blev sort”
16. “Två Konungabarn”


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