Shattered Sun Premiere “Burn It Down” Music Video

Shattered Sun have premiered a new video for their new song “Burn It Down.” This song is from their new album “The Evolution Of Anger,“ which will be released on July 21. Marcus Leal told Metal Hammer the following:

“We almost burned this band into the ground internally. Between all the things we have done over the years, things finally came to the surface. Once [guitarist] Daniel [Trejo] came back into the fold, the first song he showed me was ‘Burn It Down‘ and it was a perfect reflection of what occurred within Shattered Sun.”

The Evolution Of Anger” Track Listing:

01. “Keep Your Eyes Shut”
02. “Blame”
03. “Declassified”
04. “Hollow Chains”
05. “Out for Justice”
06. “Die for Nothing”
07. “Burn It Down”
08. “Like Gasoline”
09. “Terminal”
10. “Hope Dies”


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